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I'm in shock. I can't get it up anymore


I’ve been checking out the L-arginine mtype. In the shop and this was also there Epimedium, Maca and Ginkgo Biloba. Is this recommendable?
Well, I bought the L-arginine already R Dopa, but will it help to get me more aroused?

The alcohol is on a hold now and I am going to make an appointment with the doctor.
Being completely honest with him to assure he can help me.

The skin is still intact, no circumcision over here.

%100 guaranteed solution: don’t ejaculate for some time, a month for example . No sex ,no solo, nothing.

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Originally Posted by kaan
%100 guaranteed solution: don’t ejaculate for some time, a month for example . No sex ,no solo, nothing.

This + take supplements, eat healthy, and stay in shape.

-Don’t jack off for maybe 2-3 weeks
-Take L-arginine, Ginkgo Biloba, Horny Goat weed, maybe fish oil
-Make a healthy diet schedule and stick with it. This includes drinking plenty of water.
-lift weights and run a few times a week
-most importantly, stop checking this website and looking at your dick 50 times a day. Live your life, do some fun stuff, and stop worrying. This step is probably more important than the latter ones combined.

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I’m not touching my dick for a month (fucking, an exception).
The things alex533 mentioned were solid. I’m already cutting back a lot with food that contain e-numbers,
Eating food that’s healthy and drinking fresh made juice and water.
I have a fitness pass that I am going to use and I totally agree with you on the last one.

By the way, I am horny as fuck right now because of the pill!
In the beginning I felt that my heart was pounding a bit faster than normal, which worried me (I experience this in a extreme way when I smoke marijuana with fear attacks included, which led me to think that Viagra isn’t a good option for me, this being more intense than the L-arginine) but it went away in a minute. After that I didn’t felt a thing and I thought I wasn’t going to feel a thing, this being the first pill that I took. But some time after that I felt the hornyness coming and it just kept on coming and coming, getting worse and worse.
Now I feel it since this morning and I’m loving it! I wonder what will happen if I keep on doing this and the advice you guys gave me!

Don’t rely on the pill for your erections, if it’s working for you chances are it’s psychogenic erectile dysfunction (psychological). Just having sex a few times and maintaining an erection properly will help rebuild your confidence to work fine without it, you just need to recondition yourself to finally feel like your penis is healthy again. Which from the sounds of it, it is!

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Originally Posted by JB26
I’m not touching my dick for a month

Any routine that requires abstinence is no solution. Your bits are for enjoyment.

I found the attached picture which can help me explain why I blame jelqing for a lot of dysfunction.

You can see that the nerve supply is pretty close to the surface. Run a mechanism over that repeatedly and you can do injury. I’m hopeful that it heals for you.

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TLC, can you cite where you got the neat anatomy pic please. I’m quite certain, that unless you are the author, you didn’t draw that. Thanks a bunch.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

It’s still the same, but better than before.
When I got the L-arginine supplement I got very sick.
Maybe I’m allergic to it or something?
Anyway I want to start this again, because I think that my problem has nothing to do with my dick.
It’s all in my head.

I feel like shit, haven’t fucked for months now and the last time was horrible.
Time to change this once and for all.
Guys what do I have to do, because I think that the newbie routine is a bit too harsh for me ATM.

It sounds to me that you might be depressed over your break up. Depression can rear its ugly head in a lot of different ways. Anger, loss of appetite, stress, sexual dysfunction. Drinking could be a way of making it temporally feel better. You could need meds or just some time.

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I’m good with the break up.

Matter of fact, I was the one who broke up.

But when she had someone else it got to me, even though it was for a short period.

Before that I could fuck her for hours and hours, after that I couldn’t even get it up to fuck her.

Too much going on in my head. I mean this girl got me hard only hearing her voice or just seeing her.

I guess it damaged my ego or something.

Somehow you have to find a way to move on. Your problem isn’t a physical one it’s a mental one. I had a person tell me once, stop looking at your past or perceived faults. Instead look at it from a point of view, that this is the beginning of a new part of your life. Think of all the possibilities! Maybe your going through this for a reason, try to think positive and move forward. There could be something or someone just waiting for you!

Start bpel 5" girth 5"

Now bpel 6 3/4 girth 5 5/8

Definitely. It still is a learning point in my life.
Funny that you mentioned that, because that was exactly what I did.
I had like a diary and the last thing what I wrote in there was the new faze I was starting.
It’s hard to think positive at the moment though, but I’m trying.

Also what do you recommend for the exercises? My starting points are somewhere around your starting points.
Unfortunately, I never had any real gains though.

Believe it not most of my gains came from jelqing. I stuck with the newbie routine and started adding more jelqs as I got better at it. Remember it’s not a race! It took me 6 months just to get everything down where I felt like I was doing it right. Just settle into it and listen to your dick. I’m a firm believer in 5 on 2 off.

Guys on this site do some extreme stuff, but I’ve always believed persistence and Patience will trump everything else you will be told.

Start bpel 5" girth 5"

Now bpel 6 3/4 girth 5 5/8


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