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I’m desperate, and I really need help from you guys. Urologists can’t help me,you can


Originally Posted by Giancarlo
Thanks for responding,

How long did it take you to get rid of this freaking nightmare? I’m just going to try some of the things that were recommended here, and I guess I’ll just wait. And it’s a fact that Urologists don’t have a clue!!!!
The one I’m seen is an Ivy League graduate and he does not know what to do. Imagined the other ones that went to regular colleges.

Most important thing with prostatitis is to get proper tests to determine if yours is bacterial or not; tests beyond the simple one usually offered, a urine test or three day urine culture. Bacterial is difficult to isolate usually. Did you attempt to find a good uro. yet in GA?



In order to culture it, the urologist has to massage your prostate to take the infection out and then they test the urine. In my case, he massaged my prostate so hard that I almost fainted, and the urine test revealed that there was no infection to cultivate. I guess the first urine test he did about three months ago revealed signs of infection because he put me on antibiotics for three month (levaquin) with no luck. This time around he couldn’t find the infection, so he just told me to wait until Dec 4th. He also said that it was a tough call to make. We know is not cancer or stones because I went under a Cat scan, like two month ago, and nothing came out. He also inserted a little tube with a camera through the little hole in my penis, and that came out clean also, but it hurt like hell. At this point, we are just waiting.


If he’s an experienced urologist; he would have heard things you wouldn’t believe. He will know about stretching, pulling, pumping, - and could be a member of Thunder’s place!

Giancarlo, it appears you DON”T have an infection, they would almost certainly know from what I understand. It’s not subtle. By reading what you describe, I’d swear you were in the office with me back when I experienced this. I had to sit in the waiting room for about 10-15 minutes to recover after that damn digital “probe”. Whatever the effect of that one was, it took the energy right out of me and I was weak in the knees for a while.

Apparently, this situation is a source of mild amusement for the desk workers, though they did bring me some water and gives words of comfort! Doc said “it may have released some of the infection”, but no dripping or anything else so I gather the infection (if one existed) was NOT in the prostrate. Maybe the vas or epi, maybe nowhere and the lightheadedness is just a reaction to poking an irritated prostrate.

It takes a long time, it’s gradual, and it most certainly has a nasty psychological component to it. Don’t stress the area is all I can really tell you, it’s shitty advice, but I don’t think that when it’s all said and done that you’ll hear much different.

I think these things actually feel much worse than they are…and they are a BAD feeling!

Originally Posted by groa
Giancarlo, it appears you DON”T have an infection, they would almost certainly know from what I understand.

This is sensible, Groa. But I’ve talked with a couple urologists who know their stuff and feel that all forms of prostatitis probably originate with some type of bacterial infection. What that morphs into later can become problematical in diagnosis.

The prostate is a very highly convoluted organ with zillions of little pockets where infection can hide. It is also resistant to penetration by many anti-biotics. And the seminal vessicles can be involved. If they are infected, a prostate massage, however deep, would not stimulate them to give up some of their stuff for culturing. A culture of semen would include seminal vessicle fluids.

In a case of recurrent prostatitis, it is important to hone in on the bug, if there is one can be found.



Originally Posted by zaneblue
Would the Aneros help this situation?

Not at all likely, until he understands fully what type of prostatitis he has. Meanwhile, ejaculating frequently, no matter how that feels at the time, will lessen the symptoms for most with that sort of discomfort.

My read is that he is putting off seeing a doc, intending to go back next month to the one who did not give him much help. This just prolongs the agony. If the first doctor did not figure out a way to get a good culture the first time, I doubt he will the second time.



Can’t disagree with you there, Avocet8…the whole “it’s tough to really do a culture of the area” explanation is one that I listened to in depth. Never thought about it, but it made sense once i was in the office in front of the doc. He mentioned that it would be nice if one could just go and swab a culture off anywhere, but it’s just not that easy!

That’s a large part of the reason I eventually gave in to the “wait and see” treatment, if it could even be called a treatment. I figured if they couldn’t very easily locate the source of a possible infection, well it’s highly unlikely that they would really be able to aim any bullet at it.

Asked about antibiotics and read a bunch, wasn’t impressed with what I saw as relatively ineffective. Looking back on it, I wonder if it’s a “chicken or the egg” type of question when it comes to the infection. IOW, is it the infection that’s a primary cause OR some previous injury or irritation that compromises the areas ability to function properly (immune system?) that results in an infection? Granted, any resultant infection would most certainly add to the discomfort, it just may not be the root problem. Perhaps why anti’s just don’t work that well for alot of folks with urological problems.

For all practical purposes, I DON”T feel that I have recurrent prostatitis although something like it did come and go for a few years. Kind of an umbrella term if you ask me, I bet there’s alot of things under that umbrella.

Hi, Groa. Real good to have you posting.

I think that if you are able to find a urologist or internist with a real curiosity about prostatitis and its origins, you have a better shot at getting yourself fixed quicker.

Mine reasoned that if a good, bacteria-laden sample could not be got from prostate massage, why not go farther and do a semen culture? Semen contains all the fluids: from the prostate, seminal vessicles, sperm ducts from below, even some Cowpers mixed in.

Knowing something then about cultures, I asked for a 5 day one instead of the usual 3 days. Two specific E coli showed up, and some other stuff we decided wasn’t important.

Having then a specific read on the bugs I was infected with, we did a long run on a drug that is effective against them. He made some other suggestions, too, and I am now a few months from my 3rd anniversary completely prostate-issue free.

Some luck out and are “cured” by their short-run antibiotic treatment. They were fortunate to catch this early. Others, like me, are sometimes frustrated for years with this discomfort and major inconvenience.




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