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If You're Born In US and Uncut, How Did You Avoid The Clamp?


If You're Born In US and Uncut, How Did You Avoid The Clamp?

First: This thread is NOT to debate the question of circumcision so please don’t even go there.

This question also applies to guys who are cut now but weren’t as infants.

I have run into quite a few uncut guys who were born here in the US but somehow managed to avoid getting cut. It seems the most common reason is that there was a complication at birth that precluded circumcision and the parents just never bothered to get it done later.

A few had hippies for parents or first-generation US parents whose culture did not want it done.

I’m wondering what other factors were involved and, if your parents or a parent objected, do you know why the decision was made the way it was?

Thanks guys!

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The only two people I know who are uncut are friends whose families came from different countries (Belgium and Germany). Not sure about the decision though.

I’m uncut because my mom is from Europe

Im uncut because god made me that way.LoL.Nah my mom just decided it was unnecessary.

The doc and my parents both agreed that it wasn’t necessary. All are American by birth and none were hippies, even though the doc and my dad are both known to go “against the grain” from time to time.

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My reason is simple. I was a sick baby, and the potential for infection from circumcision was too risky. My two brothers are both cut.

I found the web site below, which says that in 1979, only 15% of American Babies were left intact.

In 1990, it was 36.1% and in 2001 it was 44.9%.

So the attitude and custom is changing fairly rapidly. Obviously, guys who are in their teens or early 20’s have a much higher statistical probablity of being intact than guys in their 30’s, 40’s 50’s etc.

It also states that in 1930 the intact rate was as high as in 2001, so guys in their 70’s etc, also have a good chance of being intact.

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I know a lot of Hindu people are uncut because it’s seen as altering the body. And getting cut would be a way of telling god that there is a fault with his/her design.

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Basically, for the rest of the world except for ones with very dominant religious beliefs that dictate otherwise, uncut is the norm.

I would think that most circumcisions in the US are not religously motivated.

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Mravg, I’m not sure if you were responding to me but I agree, that’s what I said “for the rest of the world” rather than including the US in that assessment.

I wish I was uncut.

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Whats happening in the US nowdays, are they still doing the regular snip at birth ?

I was born in 83, and the main reason I have my skin is because my dad is a doctor and doesn’t agree with the circumcision hysteria in this country. Thank God!

Why is it that the parent who decides seems to be the mother and how do you know, did she tell you. I’m American and cut and at less of a chance of being infected by HIV. Too bad the girls I have been with have infected me with every other STD known to man and a couple not known to doctors. Another story.

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