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If You're Born In US and Uncut, How Did You Avoid The Clamp?


Please explain how not having a foreskin can relate to you catching HIV at a higher percentage than without? Lol.

If circumcision makes guys less susceptible to aids, then why is that Europe has far lower incidents of sexually transmitted aids than the USA? ( Most guys in the USA are circumcised, most in Europe uncircumcised).

Because it isn’t the only variable.

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I still have my skin because a child born at about the same time as I was cut and infection set in. My mom did not have me cut for that reason.

Well regardless of if you are cut or uncut.. You shouldn’t have unprotected sex with people who have AIDS.. It’s just common sense.

I am a parent and decided against it for my son. I find it too invasive with no real upside. Actually I think it is body mutlilation. It is a choice that should be made by the individual, not the parent.

Note, they can’t just cut a boy, you have to approve it.

There are no christian laws requiring it.

AIDS? get real guys, nothing will protect you from AIDS if you’re having sex with someone who is infected.

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Yes, I agree that abstaining from having sex with an HIV person is the best way to avoid being infected. My statement was written in half jest, but yes there has been some research on the infection rate of circumcised vs. non-circumcised men and it does seem that being cut can reduce transmission. Because I am cut doesn’t mean I would engage in risky behaviour anyway. I only engage in risky behaviour when my blood alcohol level is at DUI levels.

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I don’t have a single friend that is cut.


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