If you ever pull your groin muscle or a testicle nerve pinch occurs . Try this .

So, In my brothers weeding which was this month on 4th . I accidentally pinched a nerve and my right testicle started to hurt ,after a run to the hospital and 2 days of bed rest the pain still didn’t fade away completely and then my friend send me this link and I followed the instructions and the pain is now completely gone..


Started:BPEL=5.0" x MEG=4.6 .(actually I was between 4.9 and 5 so I went with 5)

Now:BPEL= 6.3 x MEG=4.8 .. :) Final goal = 7.0 BPEL x 5.2 MEG.

Go watch=There are video's on how to do the exercises here!!!!!!!!