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Ice on glans.


I see what you mean refresh. I can feel ice on and around my glans but I do have sensitivity trouble sometimes. Try moisturizing your penis and glans with a light, oil-free moisturizer before you go to bed or after you get out of the shower in the morning. This should help with sensitivity. Vasoline doesn’t soak into the skin like moisturizer does but rather kind of holds “natural moisture” in.

So I still can’t feel cold on my glans, I can feel heat, and I can feel pleasure from it. I don’t get it, did I damage the nerves permanently that they just don’t feel the cold?? It by no means feels ‘numb’ but it just doesn’t feel anything cold. It’s weird.

Have you seen a doctor yet regarding this issue?


Yep, other than it should heal.. Thats about all I get.

I wonder if anyone on here had permanent nerve damage, which is usually impossible, nerve bruising heals!


I’ve actually started flicking my glans with my finger, to cause slight pain/redness, maybe bruising. Because I figure that if it hasn’t fully healed yet, telling my body it’s injured down there will put priority to heal it, along with more blood flow to the area. That was my theory, and now I actually do feel more sensitivity, pleasure wise. Any medical theory to back this up? I think it works.

That sounds like picking a scab to see if you heal.

Why would you do that refresh?

Originally Posted by sunshinekid
If this is a concern to you, go see a doctor. Instead of asking others to ‘experiment’ for you.


The whole premise of this thread seems a little retarded. I’m sorry, refresh, but it seems roughly akin to navel contemplation.

Get on with it, eh?

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Originally Posted by Mr. Happy

That sounds like picking a scab to see if you heal.

It sounds a little trollish to me.

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I’m causing redness, which causes more restoration to damaged cells, it’s working so. And I already said I was at the doctor, derr.

I’m not causing myself intense pain, just slight redness.

Originally Posted by refresh9
I’m not causing myself intense pain, just slight redness.

Your glans gets sufficient blood supply already. It doesn’t need you flicking and bruising it. Normally, if left alone and not provoked, a penis will heal very quickly on its own. If you keep picking and poking and flicking, the healing process will only be extended.

My advice to you is to not touch your penis except to bathe and pee for some days.

And to stop adding to our discomfort at having to read about what you are doing to hasten a cure in these silly ways.

Sometimes you say sensible things. Much more often you dwell on negative things. My read is that you are in one of those negative periods just now and I am very tempted to give you a time out, in order to get your house back in order.



I’m going to revive this thread because I have the same question about glands sensitivity.

My question arises from what I hope was a minor bruising of the nerves just underneath the head of glands whilst hanging. Improperly, I might add. Sometimes I think my penis is invincible. :) There was definitive some loss of sensations in the head of my penis and part way up the shaft. I think that most of that has returned after taking about a month off of PE, but I do notice that I really don’t feel cold when I put an ice pack on just the head of my glands. I feel heat fairly well, but not cold. Having said that I’m not sure if I ever did feel cold on my glands though. I never applied anything cold to just my glands. I’ve had bjs where they put ice in their mouth, but that affects a much larger chunk of my dick, ya know! Once I get down into the remainder of the foreskin that I was robbed of I can feel why I like to touch my penis so much!

One thing I will add, from a medical perspective, I think it would be easier to injure nerves responsible for temperature sensitivity since their axons are narrower in diameter than other sensory nerves. Since I lost some sensation initially, maybe the other nerves were damaged to a greater extent. Just a thought.

Maybe I have more healing to do, or maybe I’m done. I would like to hear whether it is normal to not really have a great deal of temperature sensitivity on the glands. I sure would like to get back to PE!

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