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I want to get circumsized


When you get cut and start hanging a part of the weight will be supported by your skin. This will result in skingrowth at the base, hairy skin from your pubic area will move up your dick. Most cut hangers welcome the extra skin but it doesn’t really makes sense for you if you get cut.

I think what makes cut hanging easier in the beginning is even if your hanger doesn’t get a good grip on the penis it won’t slide off. When you’re uncut the hanger will slide off.

Don’t get cut just because you don’t know how to work a hanger.

Thanks everybody for the advises, I will look more into it.

I’ve had a tight foreskin all my life annd I need to get it sorted but I don’t want to get circumsised! Is there another way to make it more looser? I heard of a darset flap we’re they just make it retract more easier could this work for someone my age? I’m 22 now and we’re can I find a good doctor?


BigJ, I agree with you. I, too, was cut at birth. I wish to hell I hadn’t been. I’m also going to do foreskin restoration when I achieve my PE goals, but I’m already finding, thru manual and V stretching 45 minutes a day, I’m gaining a bit of foreskin while totally flaccid.


I find, because of my short shaft, hanging is not a piece of cake just because I’m cut. The hanger still rides up to my corona, causing some skin deformity, which goes back to normal within 15 minutes. Contact SS4Jelq, he’s an uncut hanger.

If you want to get cut because of tightness, that’s another matter, but to get cut just to PE easier - no fucking way. I’m noticing on many posted pictures, young guys are tending to be uncut. I’m glad their parents didn’t buy into the bullshit about odor and infections. Since we all shower once a day (I assume) odor should not be a problem. I so much regret that I allowed my wife and Doc to talk me into circ’ing our son 26 year’s ago. That should have been a decision he should have been allowed to make later on in his life, as you are.

When uncut guys get a hard on they look cut, when flaccid, they look uncut (which I think looks really cool) so you get the best of both worlds. I envy you.


Originally Posted by memento
>[Esc said:]Nevertheless, social norms do play a part. If they did not, no one would be on this message board because no one would care about society’s average penis size, and what people thought of it. <

You know thats an interesting point and one often raised on this board. When I came here it was not at the end of a long search and a life of dissappointment, I’ve seen so many penises that I knew my pre PE dick was pretty much OK. So no feeling of inferiority and tbh very little US ‘Big Dick’ porn. Whether there was something in the background I cannot tell you but I doubt it. Having found out that it was possible though, my first thought was ‘cool’ , I could never say no to more of my favorite apendage.

A little off topic but I’d like to say:
I’d say initially my motivation (to PE) was aesthetic, with a suspicion that indeed, Bigger is Better :) But, after reading some of the stories posted on here I’d say the roles are reversed. Having extra girth,longer length, and harder erections can increase the potential pleasure from a physical standpoint - which I would hope would lead to greater emotional fulfillment as well - that is my primary motivation, aesthetics being secondary. So for me, the aesthetic drew me here but the physical “utility” of this project will keep me here.

there’s not ONE, and i repeat, ONE logical reason to get cut….EXCEPT if there’s a medical condition like too tight foreskin etc.
ALL the general given arguments, especially ‘hygiene’ are the utter most nonsense i’ve ever heard.

Do you need your willie cut because (for some bizarre reason) you are unable to use basic hygiene procedures, eg. showering ???
It makes me especialy mad if i hear the ‘hygiene’ argument from a girl - and, note, we’re not talking about some useless piece of skin hanging down somwehere, but, that’s the point, some ‘piece of skin’ which is extremely sensitive…just the THOUGHT getting this cut off, with frenulum and everything…OMFG……
I once had a hard time (shortly after i met my wife), she from the states, me from EU to explain it her because she once saw some stupid talkshow where some brilliant person come up with:
“Ask your husband/bf if he would get cut. ASSUMING she would have a problem with it [with the skin] - if he does NOT agree then he obviously does not love you. If he loves you he will be glad being cut if it makes you happier”

I remember we had a hefty debate about that…’re talking about cutting of a piece of a guys willy - not more and not less….. :)

As for the “girls prefer it especially for oral” argument, I’m sure oral on chicks would be easier and more pleasant on the nose and tastebuds if girls would have their clit hood, labia minora and all that excess skin removed…
I wonder if they’d agree to that? I’m sure they wouldn’t lose much senstivity…

good point here of course..but looks like girls “somehow” mastered the art o hygiene..while 1/2 inch of skin on a guy causes a HUGE problem and the immediate need to cut it off….. :)
Etc..etc…see where this leads….this is one of the subjects wich usually always makes me mad :)

Again…think twice, better three times before you consider such procedure….


Since, when you’re erect the skin pulls back i assume the appearance is similiar to that of a cut person. So what’s the point with the ‘oral thing women prefer’ ?
(Only difference might be that for the uncut person the skin is ‘loser)
Is it my opinion that the whole myth about the cutting actually really originated because it was a way to prevent guys from too much masturbating. All reasons “pro” given are nothing than plain lies and misinformation.
My $0.2 :)

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Right on

abitlonger. I’m very pleased that I was able to talk a younger member here on Thunder out of getting cut. There is simply no reason, other than a medical one. Wonder why we in the US are about the only people in the world that routinely get cut at birth. It’s like our parents don’t even discuss it, it’s just part of the delivery process at birth. Again, I beat myself up all the time in allowing the Doc and my wife talking me into cutting Adam.. But 26 years ago, I didn’t have the awarness of my cock and balls that I do now, thanks to the net.

If I had been unbcut and my now wife had said she wouldn’t marry me unless I had myself cut, I’d tell her to go fuck herself. If circ would be such an issue with her, than I’d think the marriage wouldn’t have much of a chance of survival. NO ONE has the right to tell you to alter your body in any way.


Chitonan, if you need help with uncut hanging, just PM me. Been there, done that, had the same problems that you are probably having. :)

"Be aware that there are several schools of thought here as well. Some seem to go with the hard and heavy approach. The sessions are brutal. You can hear them talking to their dick: You better grow mofo or I will punish you even harder tomorrow! Others seem to favor a more tender approach. Always listening to what their member is saying while massaging it gently and singing to it with a soft voice. If it is moody and not happy with new behavior, they always listen and are very understanding."


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