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I Want to Ejaculate Quicker


>> Does anyone acknowledge that more glans and mucosal sensitivity would help? <<

Originally Posted by Lampwick

Well, I don’t want to blatantly “hawk my wares” but if someone has been circumcised it is possible to wear the remaining skin rolled forward over the glans to protect the sensitivity of the glans and adjacent mucosa.


I do not encourage anybody to do this.
This is for Educational purposes only.
Do not perform this act.

Well something some of the farmers do round here is before they put a condom on, to keep the sensitivity they slap there bell on a stingy nettle.

I know sounds very painful.
And I have not tryed it.

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Few things.

Kegeling. I know many people use it to stop premature ejaculation, but I’ve always found it to be the opposite. When I want to cum I tense the muscles and go at it. It’s best to at least have some good feelings building first though, otherwise holding the tension for too long will just get you tired and not work.

Histamine. Men who have premature ejaculation often have high histamine levels, so I suppose it’s very possible that you have the opposite problem. Find those supplements that raise histamine. Off the top of my head without specific research in raising histamine I would look into Niacin and Histidine.

Fish Oil EPA/DHA. I believe Zaneblue is on this site (saw someone mention it) but I’ve seen her on other sites about her Orgasmic Diet for women. She warns men though that the diet and specifically the fish oil intake could actual cause or worsen premature ejaculation. So perhaps a good amount of fish oils could help you. I’m not sure how much as I think she recommends quite a bit more than you’ll see recommended on the back of a bottle. I also believe it’s the DHA that cause the prematurity and that the EPA doesn’t really. So maybe if it’s too much fish oil you can add some DHA separately. Or even try taking some extra DHA a few hours before you go on.

Originally Posted by MakeYouScream
I know this is weird, but I have the opposite problem of premature ejaculation - I can go forever. I know, sometimes it’s great, I never leave a girl unsatisfied. But sometimes it’s just too much. She has to work too hard to get me to cum and enough is enough.

Anyway, I was wondering if there is anything I could do to make myself ejaculate more easily. So far I have zero ideas.



I have the same problem, but mine has to do with more with sensitivity the more tight the girl the quiker I’d finish. I found that when I masturbate I use a very lose grip & no porn I’m starting to get over this, also alittle bit of moisturizer every morning at the head of ur penis helps(still have my forskin).

Now my only problem is keeping an erection, less pumpin or performance anxiety I want to show off my new girth hahaha

Well as long as you have a healthy ejaculation I don’t see why you should be worried.

I would love to be able to finish quicker. I’m also in the going and going club.
All the advice I got it don’t drink. It makes me just numb enough to make it worse.

I’m at 6 fish oil caps a day.

How about getting your woman to perform kegels to tighten up? Approach the suggestion properly of course. Or even kegeling while you’re having sex, that always feels good.

When I’m having my difficulty to cum days there are a few things that help me.

First thing is just rest. I can enter sex feeling like I could cum in a minute if I just pumped away. Since I don’t want to do that I take it slow and eventually I just become less sensitive and not trigger happy. Then I’m in the boat of not being able to cum even if I work hard. So I just take a rest in or out of her. Since she’s been pleased by now when I go back to work I go back to work for me and me only. Get that nut.

The other thing is position and it works even better after rest. The position could be a position that feels good, extra pressure, or one that allows for quick thrusts without getting fatigued. For me that’s a lying down doggystyle as I can thrust fast and not get tired, but it has that tightness I find in doggystyle.

Or even better is me on top with her legs bent up and held above my arms. It lifts her ass off the bed a little bit and makes my cock go right into her g-spot. I find it to be a great sensation and the fact that it gets her moaning and squeezing puts me over the top. I also kegel when I need more help, but that position usually does it without the need.


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