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I want her a$$

I want her a$$

I have been with the same girl for years and she will not let me hit it from the back. the most I have got was the head in and she wouldn’t let me go farther. She have never done it before and I am just trying to figure out how I might convince her the do it.

You have to go slow if you rush into it it will hurt her ,and believe me she will NEVER let you try it again. When your sucking her pussy try rubbing on her asshole. If she starts liking that then you can go to the next step.caution, she m ight not tell you she like the rubbing until the next day ,but be patient little one. Step two again while your having oral sex,or if you can reach it whil having intercoarse ,this is fine also .Get your figer lubed up ,and rub the anus, then SLOWLY in sert it into the rectum. Ok, if she was diggin that the next time yall have sex do the exact same as step 2 ,but add another finger(you have to stretch it out to get it ready for packin). Your getting closer!Ok now that youve passed the two finger mark,do it again just to build up her confidence that she can do it,hehe.Ok NOW your set. Get her drunk and yes you have to start at the begining,but all in one night .Rub ,stick 1,stick 2,and know that youve been eating her all this time she is drunk and horny as hell .Trust me she will say “OK”.The other thing to look out for is you need plenty of lube ,and dont force it in. Take it VERY slow ,maybe 1/2 inch pull back ,go 1/2 pull back .Do this untill you have the penis completly inside her . Then you can start to pull in and out slowy moving up in speed. Then before you know it ,you will be tearing it up ,and knockin the bottom out that ass.Just prepare your self for the stink after(makes you think damn I will never do this again,hehehe,but you will) Trust me do the way I explained. On virgin butthole if you just jump in and try to tear it up . You will tarrify the girl ,and no slight chance of ever hitting that ass again.And thats how you hit virgin butthole. After these first steps it gets easier ,and easier. Before you know it she will take it like a pro ,and not complain one bit.She will want no rub,no stick 1,stick2,and probably no lube( just kidding you always need lube) .Just pack that meat in there baby.

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Well written dragster.

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Slow and easy is the only way to go. Once done she will want it as much, if not more, then vaginally. My experience only about 1/20 don’t want it Anal.

good job Dragster

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Not well written ,but you get the I appologize it was late.

Thanks for the help. I have tryed rubbing it while oral and she usally stops me. But I will try again.

No problem ,add some alchohol.It will do the trick.When you get to the point of intercourse try to let her take it ,as she can handle it.It might work out better if you let her “push”it in . The funny thing is, IMO she knows its going to hurt(because shes been there before),lol.Sorry no offense.

I know exactly what you mean… I wish I could offer some words of hope but it’s very slow going for me in this area as well…

Man, my girl X would ask me to put it in her butt, it was like losing my virginity all over again. But definetly get some alcohol involved… If not just talk about how you really want to try it and stuff, reverse phycology is the trick…. Try this, when shes around the house get on the phone or pretend your on the phone with one of your buddies and when she close enough to hear you talking act like u dont know shes there and say something like ” yah dude I mean I love her I just wish she was a little more open to trying things, even if she didnt like it, it would mean a lot to me if she let us experience somethin knew… blah blha blah, but I dont want to pressure her, but its like one of my fantasy’s that I would love to experience with her.”
Once she realizes that you want to just try something new and that it will mean more than just an ass raveging to you, she’ll realize or at least think that you wil lappreciate her more. I’ve had girls that were fuck buddies in college that I got close to who wouldnt ttake it in the ass, but shit lie this worked because they think there scoring major senimental points when really all we want to do is go to BROWN TOWN, hell yah. REVERSE PHYCHOLGY MAN!

Oh yah and if you do finally get it in there, ask her to blow you off afterwards, yummmmmmm!!


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