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I need a sleep aid!


kaan asks good questions. Also I would add the word ‘when’ to some of them as well.

It’s summer enjoy the long days!

Have wild passionate sex before bed. That has always caused me to roll over and have a deep sleep.

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Do you exercise fairly late during the day?

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Sometimes I exercise really early, at 5am to be realistic. I go to bed around 9PM. :) I’m a boring person! Other times I’ll exercise around 7:30 at night for an hour.

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Originally Posted by Naked Tomato
I’m sure everyone knows bad sleep sucks. I’m cursed with waking up 3-4 times a night. Sometimes even 6! Offer any advice on natural ways, or any sleep aids. Thanks!

ZMA works wonders for me.

Melatonin works for me but sometimes you wake up 4-6 hours later and are wide awake and still need more rest. Other times you get the hangover feeling if you take it to late and are forced to wake up. Cost 2-15 bucks.

Tryptophan works but suffers essentially identical problems as melatonin. But it is not a hormone as melatonin is. It is way more expensive. Cost 15-50 bucks.

Valerian root, cat nip and all the other herbs I tried in pill form sucked. Waste of bucks in my opinion.

Best bet, take 50 mg of Benadryl. After a couple of days the strong drop you on your ass feeling goes away.Which means you may have minor trouble falling asleep but you should sleep okay once asleep. 2-7 bucks. Buy generic Diphenhydramine unless Benadryl is on sale.

Don’t exercise for at least 3 hours before bed because it jacks you up. In fact you may need to wait longer than 3.

Good luck.

Pasiflora is great. Melatonin works, but I found it decreses my libido after a week or so.

Hmm i’ll have to try this melatonin stuff. I need to get to sleep I try to go to bed early but to no avail. People said exercise so you’ll be tired enough at night, thing is…… I want to go to sleep on time so i’ll have time to workout in the morning LOL.

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Try counting sheep.

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Strawberry Kush. One hit

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