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I have Recent ED


I have Recent ED

Hey everyone I have recently had a problem with getting hard! Here’s how it is; I recently have tried to have sex with my girl and although I could partially get it up, it was next to impossible to maintain it at all! I mean this is very unusual for me because I have regularly gone for hours with my girl at like 80-100% erect, and now all of a sudden it just doesn’t “work”. I have recently been ill with unexplained heart problems and am still not fully over it, but I cannot remember if I have had successful sex since then? Although I am pretty sure I have! Another thing to note is that when I was unable to get hard, I still managed to get my penis inside my girl and after literally one to two strokes I came!! I am so scared now that there is some kind of permanent damage that has been done to my penis, or that I may have developed ED or something! I mean I’m 18 and still have the rest of my life ahead of me, and am really scared now that this is going to be a permanent thing! Please can anyone help with advice or diagnosis please, I am so scared!

Another thing I noticed was that vein in my penis tend to “squelch”, then it goes down. As if a vein burst or something like that? Do you get what I mean? It is such a weird feeling within my penis! Has anyone else experienced this? Please, please help!

Thanks a lot,
Yours gratefully Scratch:up:


Given your level of concern I’d recommend talking to your doctor, as we can only make (in some member’s cases, educated) guesses as to the problem.

If you have had heart problems then I hope you have been to a doctor already. Did this issue come up in discussions? If not, go see him/her again.

After reading recent few threads about PE injuries I wounder if I would do any PE being so young like some of you guys at age 18 or so. I guess I would not risk it. But since I am much older than that I can risk my penis health because it is not much time left for fun anyway and I am dying to see my penis being fat. When I started jelqing I had my ejaculation disturbed as well. It usually takes 30 to 60 min or more for me to cum. After I started PE this time shortened a lot and hardness of erection varied especially in a glans part (that was discussed in another thread recently). When I got pain I suspected nerve or ligament injury so I stopped PE for more than a year. All went back to normal more or less it seems.

I never though that penis tissues are so delicate. It could be that if varies from man to man though.

I did go to my doctor to discuss the initial heart problem, however have not been recently to discuss the effects it is having on my sex life. It feels like my whole body is fatigueing and shutting down, because I cannot even take supps now such as gingko biloba and miuira puama without side effects such as increased HR and headaches. The thing is though I was able to take these, and more before without ANY problems what so ever!

There is also someone else on here who is having the exact same problem as me(so I’m not alone) and he has had no luck in a diagnosis either.

It DEFINATELY is not PE that has caused my problem, I know that for a fact! Can anyone provide any more help please, all suggestions will be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot


Can you obtain a %100 erection when you watch porn ?

Originally Posted by Scratchy
I did go to my doctor to discuss the initial heart problem…


First of all, are you taking medicines for your heart problem?

In reply to Fuel2000, No I am not able to obtain a 100% erection whilst watching porn, only about 75%,
and to Mark001 no I am not taking any medicines at the moment, and have tried to stop the supps because they seem to make matters worse.

Does that help you to make any kind of diagnosis or suggestions? I don’t particularly want to go to my doctors because its a fairly embarrassing issue, because I know for a fact, My supps or PE will come up and I don’t particularly want to discuss it so ANY help on here will be much appreciated.

Thanks once again,

Don’t be scared. It’s a normal thing that happens to most of us.

Try taking a break from PE for a while. And if you smoke try to cut loose. Listen to chilling music most of the time like Jazz and “bright/happy” classical & stay away from stress for the most part. Do not view it as a problem becuase it will grow on you if you do. Do sports, drink alot of water take Arginine and think positively. I used to have a very similar problem when I was 20 and by doing all of the above I managed to restore my penile health.

Don’t forget to sleep good. 8 hours at least.

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Originally Posted by Scratchy
….I don’t particularly want to go to my doctors because its a fairly embarrassing issue, because I know for a fact, My supps or PE will come up and I don’t particularly want to discuss it so ANY help on here will be much appreciated.

Thanks once again,

That’s a mistake, as ICM implied. Doctors don’t find this problem embarrassing; they hear similar stories every day of life. You can fool around with supplements all you like, but that will not get you any closer to understanding what is going on.

Further, age is not a factor nowadays in most of their thinking. It used to be that if a young person presented with erectile issues, it would be assumed to be psychological and you’d get a pat on the back and something like, “It’ll go away.” Now you’d be taken more seriously, so don’t hesitate to bring up the erectile problem, which may or may not be related to the heart problem. Call him (her) back and ask for a consult and be open in talking. That’ll get you farther.



Okay thanks Fuel for the tips, I’ll start taking my arginine again, and try to take part in exercise again as of tomorrow! I mean I was usually very fit and active anyway, that’s what is so weird about my sudden problem(meaning heart), which is related to my erection problem! So I’ll give it a couple of weeks then let you know how its going, I just hope that my heart is able to cope with the exercise and I don’t just keel over there and then! That’s my biggest worry!

And thank you to you Avocet. What do you think are the chances that I will be prescribed Viagra or something like that, because although this may sound unusual to all you guys, I really DON’T want to be dependant on that stuff for the rest of my life, but the way things are going its a possibility! Is there any specific kind of arousal tests they do to see if you are eligible to receive it? I think I’ll make another appointment next week and explain that my condition is having effects on my sex life, but seriously I am going to feel so embarrassed! Anyway thanks for the help, and again anymore would be appreciated
Scratch:up: .

You probably have a temporary problem (the dick part) for which Viagra or something may be a short-term solution. No, they don’t do an arousal test. They do, though, try to determine if you have a pre-existing heart problem that might make the PDE5 drugs (Viagra, etc) inappropriate for you.

If you are prescribed or given a PDE5 drug by a doctor, odds are that it will resolve the erection issue, then you can stop taking it because your body will do what it’s supposed to, on its own. You won’t be a slave to Viagra. It just doesn’t work that way.



Wait your telling me that I don’t have to worry about becoming addicted to Viagra if I have to use it. My doctor said he is going to prescribe me some low dose Viagra after my blood test comes back if everything is the way it should be. Is Viagra really the wonder drug it is made out to be?

It’s not a wonder drug, but it does have a good track record for both psychological and organic ED. Yes, I’m telling you you don’t have to worry about becoming addicted, so long as your head is screwed on fairly straight. eg: “Wow, that was nice. I want that every single time I have sex.” If your plumbing works, you can say that without Viagra.



Originally Posted by Fuel2000
take Arginine

Is L-Arginine safe to take with his heart condition? I know it helps relax and dialate blood vessels but since it directly affects your cardiovascular system and I don’t think he has explained what “exactly” is wrong with his heart, I think he should talk to the doc first.

My advice, quit watching porn for a while. Use your imagination to fantasize. Porn is the kryptonite of a rock hard dick, in my opinion. It may work for a while but before you know it, you have to watch crazier and crazier stuff to get off.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Originally Posted by Gut Scrambler
Is L-Arginine safe to take with his heart condition?

He hasn’t come back with his doctor’s assessment of his heart condition, if he has one.



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