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I have Recent ED

Avocet what type of ED will Viagra help cure without the need to continue taking it after a few months?

There are so many bases for ED. However, Viagra does provide a satisfactory response to about 80 percent of users, who come from various ED causal backgrounds, including Performance Anxiety. Men with diabetes have a larger problem - nerve and vascular degeneration, and sometimes other issues, too. They may benefit from Levitra, or other interventions. If any of you haven’t had a physical in years, consider one which includes a blood test for diabetes, a very common disease that often (not always) runs in families.



When you say satisfactory response do you mean that their ED eventually goes away or that Viagra works to give them a boner when they take it.

Originally Posted by UserName86
When you say satisfactory response do you mean that their ED eventually goes away or that Viagra works to give them a boner when they take it.

“Satisfactory responses” are gauged by user’s comments: in diaries during field trials, to doctors during actual marketing runs.

These drugs are engineered to require stimulation before the boner will occur. Sensible, that. You wouldn’t want to take your date to a restaurant having taken one of the drugs before, if the result is a stick-out boner before you even order appetizers.



So what is it exactly they are searching for in these blood tests that decide whether you can receive Viagra or not?

They are trying to determine if there is a heart problem and what that is if there is one. There are types of heart problems make taking Viagra inappropriate. If no heart issue, they will probably prescribe V or another.



I am also very young and I have just recently came out of psychological impotence. Of course you should still go to your doctor, but I can bet that your experiencing hypochondria(imagined sickness) like I went through.I had difficulties getting it up whether I was with women, watching porn, or fantasising to myself. It seemed like a physical cause, but it was all in my head. Don’t let it get to you.Although that’s easier said then done. I made the mistake of letting the situation get to me and it caused me to actually be sick. I was diagnosed with clinical depression which was very severe, it was definitely the worst three months of my life. My advice to you is to stop masturbating for awhile. At our age performance anxiety can not cause us to be impotent if we haven’t gotten any in a few days. Go with out masturbating for two days and you’ll be so horny that nothing can stop you.

If you watch porn often try to stop watching for like 3 months or so. You will miss it so bad that you will get an instant hard on by just turning porn on after a decent break. This will surely help you can give it a try.

& Watch Ashly Blue porn. Even a 90 year old impotent would have an erection by watching that psycho slut :D

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Thanks again for all your help guys!Its good to hear I’m not alone spacephallisy, and that there’s someone who can actually relate to what I am going through. I did think to myself thatmy condition could be psychological and I could just be having things suchas “panic attacks”, so what can I actually do to make myself get rid of this hypochondria? How did you manage to get over yours? I mean my girls patience is going to wear thin eventually, so I need to sort out the problem as soon as possible, because atleast this way I’ve got someone steady who can help me to see if the problem is still aparent! Better than messing up on a stranger and getting myself a bad name, because my girl actually knows what I’m capable of.

So avocet let me get this straight; I go to my doctor, explain to him im suffering from impotence, he will do a blood test, and then just give me Viagra just like that? I’m sure it’s not that easy, because if it were, I’m sure every man would go to the doctorsand say they suffered from ED too.

Hmm…Ashley Blue you say Fuel…I’ll ave to do some research ;)

Thanks again everybody for your help,
Scratch :up:

Originally Posted by Scratchy

So avocet let me get this straight; I go to my doctor, explain to him im suffering from impotence, he will do a blood test, and then just give me Viagra just like that? I’m sure it’s not that easy, because if it were, I’m sure every man would go to the doctors and say they suffered from ED too.

Scratch :up:

Wait up, Scratchy.

You said, in addition to the erection thing: “I have recently been ill with unexplained heart problems and am still not fully over it, but I cannot remember if I have had successful sex since then?”

If you DO tell the doctor that you have “unexplained heart problems” of course he/she is going to want to know more about that. You should want to know about that, too. Part of the heart workup will be a blood chemistry panel. Because the ED drugs are inappropriate for some heart conditions, it is important to know if you fall into that group.

If you DON’T tell the doctor about the heart problems but that you do have erection problems, likely he/she is going to want to be assured (at least via your health history) that you are not one of those men who cannot use an ED drug. They don’t ordinarily hand this stuff out like candy unless they are familiar with your health history. You will be asked questions: What happens/doesn’t happen when you have sex? How long has this been going on? etc. etc. If they are convinced that an ED drug may help you - long or short run - they will then make suggestions and maybe give you some of the candy as a gift to get you started. And an Rx that will cost you. :)



Panic attacks, stress, and depression are the major killers of libido, and erectional function. They can only do so much damage however. If you haven’t gotten any in a few days then even these tough mental blocks will not be able to keep you from getting it up. Take two days of celibacy(meaning no sex, no masturbation, and try not to even think about sex). On the third day hang out with your gf. It won’t matter if your stressed or not youll be able to do her. When I was going through my pschological impotence I would masturbate alot. And I would masturbate just to see if it would work.This caused me to develope more anxiety because I felt I couldn’t even get it up for myself. Masturbation+anxiety and panic=impotence. Take one of those factors away and youll be fine.

About your gf issue. I was in your shoes three months ago so take my advice. Don’t let your gf know that it is a big deal to you. It is important to communicate your situation, but do so light heartedly. Don’t panic about it. Talk about you situation like it’s funny. I can bet you anything that your more worried about your wiener than she is. If you freak out she’s going to think your making a big deal over nothing and get irritated. I made that mistake and lost my girl which made my depression alot worse. She didnt leave me because I was avoiding sex, she left me because I was being “emo”.

About the Viagra. I think that you should get over your problems with out it. You will become dependant on it when your mind thinks thats what you need to get an erection.
To tell you the truth I take an impotence drug, tadalifil(cialis). I made sure that I got over my erection problems by myself first however. I take tadalifil because I’m single and I have atleast one different partner every week. I can’t afford to slip up or else my ego and my mind will not take it very well since I’m just getting over depression related to sexual problems.

Wow spacephallisy that was a really helpful response, and I can tell you really have been in my shoes, although my girl is a really fun person, so making light hearted jokes about the situation has already been taken care of :D I mean i’ve had a full blown conversation with her about Viagra :D , so we’re really close through thick and thin!

I think them being panic attacks is a real possiblitly, and your saying remove oneof those three factors you mentioned like its easy! As you know its really hard becauseyou dont have control over your body, so is there any help you could provide to remove one or more of those factors? I mean my symptoms become apparent usually in crowded situations when lots of people are around, but I really dont feel nervous or panic, but my body tells me to be if you understand?

Haha, didn’t know they used the word emo’s over in America too…seems like the whole world is becoming consumed by depression!

So cialis, I have heard of this stuff before but am not exactly familiar with the ins and outs, would you explain briefly please?And just wondered if you yourself have ever tried Viagra? Is the only way to get these too “elixers” through your GP?

Thanks to you too Avocet:up: You have really prepared me for the questioning will get from the docs. Atleast now I can rehearse the best possible scenario, so that Im assured to get the stuuf :D , but dont worry for my own good I will tell him FULLY what is going on with the heart problems!

And by the way, whats an RX?

Thanks a lot all :up: ,

I think Rx is an abbreviation for pharmaceutical but I really have no idea.

I have never tried Viagra before because it doesn’t appeal to me. The pill only last for 6 hours which is not enough time to go with the flow of things. Cialis is known to be effective for up to 36 hours, But what I found was that Cialis actually last for about 7o hours(or three whole days). I don’t take cialis to get over any problem, I decided to do that on my own. I decided to experiment with cialis as an enhancer however(which is probably drug abuse, but I don’t give). Be aware about becoming addicted to it. Many say that impotence drugs are not addictive, but they definitely are(psychologically anyways). You can get your drugs in other ways besides your gp, but in your case you should since you do have a heart condition.


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