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I have chronic prostate inflammation - due to edging?


i think you stop your cum with your finger, that is what causes prostate inflammation

Nemanja, I am interested in your progress if you are still around.

I am fighting the same battle you are but I have gained relief for a few months after giving up porn for like the 5Th time in my life. Today I got very carried away in my girth exercises and ended up edging for an unknown amount of time but I estimate it was at least 4 hours total, and my prostate pain has come back from it, its not sharp pain but a dull ache that is powerful to where I feel faint from it. I did not ejaculate so I am sure I have tons of fluid backed up in there because my precum got so intense I had like a cum shot of precum which I thought was pretty amazing.

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I had prostatitis 13 years ago and was on Cipro for 6 months. The bacterial culture came back negative but my doctor prescribed me the antibiotics anyway. It worked!

Propecia, isn’t that linked to andropause problems?

If premature ejac isn’t helped by edging, I’d take Seroxat. While I was taking it, the side effect was delayed (difficult) ejaculation. Very common sideeffect, discussed in a long thread here (called “cured my prem ejac” or something like that. But I’d get the prostatitis fixed first.

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by rostomel
i think you stop your cum with your finger, that is what causes prostate inflammation

rostomel Please capitalise your ‘I’s and put full stops to finish a sentence. :)

Serenoa repens (Saw palmetto) is the right tretment.

I have a pain above genital area since 13-14h now. It came after edging+ejaculation combo. I have done it that way for a good year now at least. Now after reading about these issues I should not edge.

For prostate related problems it seems that good remedy is regular ejaculation to clean the pipes. I wonder if I should immediately do a quick ejaculation without edging or should I rest? Wouldn’t want to ejaculate if that is counter-productive right now, as I am currently having slight pains around the areas.

Edging will inflame your prostate, you should not ejaculate at least 2-3 days to make a good exercise routine. Edging puts stress on your prostate, after you do it, you must sweat. Practice another exercise,like jumping jacks, to regulate your metabolism. Take saw palmetto 5 on 2 off. Works for me.

Thanks for the reply. Now some 40 hours after the edging+ejaculation that lead to the pain, I still have the pain above the genital area. The pain is mild, but it sometimes may get little stronger and then get a bit milder again. I am not sure, but it might be slightly milder in general than yesterday. Yesterday during the day (12-15h after it started) I had urge to go to pee alot, and actually I did pee a lot. I was wondering that I am drying up, but I guess my body was trying to get rid of something. I did drink a bit more than normal too though I think. This morning after waking up, the pain was totally gone, and I thought that it got fixed. It came back a bit later though. I also get these sensations that some fluids are moving around there in the area. Also I have noticed, that even before this problem, when I had been edging, I have gotten “pain” or sensation feeling in that area, but during the edging I have not registered it as a “pain”, rather a good-feeling thing. Also that sensation has always ended once I have ejaculated.

Now I am really 50/50 on that would a quick ejaculation actually be helpful at this point, as I kind of have a feeling that emptying would end this sensation that is now pain. Also this comment from a doc from page 1

In any case, I remember that frequent ejaculations (once a day or more) are advised (while edging would be the counterproductive). The idea is that the ejaculations kind of clean up the prostate.

Then again, you could say that with total rest with no quick ejaculations it would be healing faster. Do you think that even if I did it in under 5 minutes, it could be counter-productive, and I should rather rest? It would be 48h later tonight, but I am not sure. Or should I really wait until there is no mild pain at all, like maybe in the morning when I wake up?

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Too much thinking. Wank like you did when you were 15. Never had these problems when you were a teen right? Invest in a case of tissues & see what happens.

That’s DTMB’s 2 cents.

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