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Hypospadias - urethra questions for anyone reading

Hypospadias - urethra questions for anyone reading

Hi Thunders,

So, I think I have “hypospadias”. Before today, I always thought I just had a long urethral opening low on my glans, and a glans shaped like a right angle triangle when seen from the side, with the flat part pointing down.
But looking at before-and-after PE pics has made me wonder about my urethra: it’s actually a slit. Width to height, it has the proportions of a vagina, stopping short of the top of the glans and extending into the frenulum (not the shaft). Squeeze your belly button shut and pull it to either side, and that’s about the idea. There are two folds of tissue visible inside, and - I haven’t checked yet - but I think it might have two visible openings in it: one for urine, one for semen.
Never having seen another guy’s dick up close, I never thought about it, but now I have some questions for anyone reading this:

1. Is your urethral opening strictly just a dot, like a pinprick (perfectly round), on the very front/top of your glans, dead centre? How wide is it?
2. Does the urine come out in a symmetrical, tubular stream? (Mine tends to rooster tail).
3. Is there a closed seam, like a dent, under this spherical hole leading to the frenulum? Or just more smooth glans like the top and sides?

I’ve been getting results from PE in the last month, but that’s another thread. Any other hypospadians PEing?

You can get your hypospadias corrected surgically if you want. It is is never a bother to you, just let it be, is my advice.

Both semen and urine come out of the same urethral tube which opens somewhere at or near the end of your penis.




Thanks for replying - yeah, I have no intention of doing anything drastic. Since I’ve never noticed this before, I assume it’s not a big problem.

I was really just asking to see if I had it, but looking at the cross section of “male anatomy” on wikipedia, I can definitively say I do: the urethra is supposed to enlarge inside the glans, then open in an orifice at the tip, and mine just opens onto the wide part at the base of the glans (which is unusually flat), with the tip of the glans unaffected. First degree hypospadia, of cosmetic concern only - even if wikipedia does describe it as a “birth defect representing a form of intersexuality through under virilisation”. Fantastic.

I guess nobody’s ever minimised this through some special PE exercise? “Glans angling”?

Hey Gjurob,

About the third question: on a normal penis, there’s a seam running from the urethral opening to the top of the shaft, is there not? It’s supposed to have closed in fetal development (I guess?) - mine just gapes open, from the start of the glans (in the frenulum) to just below the tip. It’s a V shape, half an inch long.

Thanks for the welcome and answers. Thunders seems great, will try to contribute.

Will check out those threads.

(Edit: did his reply disappear? Oh well).

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Yeah, I removed my reply when it seemed to have become irrelevant. These threads were started by another member with hypospadias:

Hypospadias & PE 1

Hypospadias & PE 2

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