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Hypogonadism, Testosterone and PE


Hypogonadism, Testosterone and PE

I just started stretching and jelqing one month ago. I only jelq about 200 reps in the shower with Vaseline. I stretch after I jelq, and every time I am in the bathroom and usually when I go to bed. But.. I went to the doctor two weeks ago for weak erections which started about two months ago and they found out my testosterone was 40 (the level of a 8 year old girl scout) and put me on andro gel. I know I shouldn’t but started applying a little to my member every morning at 4 am and at 4 pm. And my flacid got huge in one week. Anyone else had this effect. I have gone from 5.75 to 6.25 length in exactly one month and increased girth from 4.75 to 5.00 in one month. I have hypogoadism and it appears may have for a long time, and wonder if this started during puberty which shortened my growth, which I am now restarting with the use of testosterone? I am going really easy on the testosterone on the penis and put the majority on my chest like the instructions say. Whatever is doing it I owe a great thanks to this site!! Hope to reach the big leauges with you other guys.

Anyone else experimenting with andro gel.. Preferably guys with low testosterone like me?

Do a search for androgel, there are some threads about. After puberty, testosterone doesn’t play any role in penis development - although if one has hypogonadism things could be different.

Congrats on gains.

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How old are you? Just curious if you’re over 21 and that stuff works I’d consider it.

Androgel and PE

I am 34 and have only been using it for two weeks. I apply it in 5 mg packets to my chest but place 3 drops about the size of 1/2 dimes in my hand and work into my penis. I keep it away from my balls and only apply to the shaft and head. The flacid increase has been huge and the erect length has increased 1/2” in a month.

Any health reasons for your T levels being so low?

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Low testosterone

NO. Perfectly healthy otherwise. Just had full physical and blood work. They don’t know why.

Originally Posted by redwings
NO. Perfectly healthy otherwise. Just had full physical and blood work. They don’t know why.

Yes, the docs always check out EVERYTHING. I am on HRT too. I was down at 159 ng/dL. I really don’t think girl scouts are that high! At 40 you must have felt horrible. I swear I had lost about 100 IQ points my brain was so fuzzy.

I am thinking that your penis had ATROPHIED because your body was starved for testosterone. It also had no need for a penis.

So these gains are restoring what you used to have.

Additionally you are probably now having night wood, which keeps your penis nice and cleaned out and healthy. No doubt you were not having night wood before.

My test levels FINALLY got regulated about the time I started a newbie routine.

I think that at least a .25 inch of girth and length gain was simply restoring what I used to have. My starting length then was 6.5” BPEL.

But I vaguely recall measuring my penis years ago when I first heard about PE, and got a BPEL of 6.75”

So I think I was getting back what I lost.

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OK you have my attention. Where do you get this stuff Androgel?

You get androgel from a doctor, and only if you have experienced either primary or secondary testicular failure.

The goal of treatment is to get the patient back to a normal level of testosterone.

If your testicles are working, you already have a normal level of testosterone.

If you are worried that your testicles arent working, here is the pre-screening questionaire called the ADAM test that doctors give. Depending on how you answer this, then the doctor will determine if low testosterone is a possibility. The he will order blood tests of several things, including your free and total testosterone.

If you go to this website, you can take the test and it will score it.

I will reproduce the questions here just so you can see what the symptoms of low testosterone are:


1. Have you had a decrease in libido (sex drive)? Yes No
2. Have you had a lack of energy? Yes No
3. Have you had a decrease in strength and/or endurance? Yes No
4. Have you lost height? Yes No
5. Have you noticed a decreased “enjoyment of life”? Yes No
6. Are you sad and/or grumpy? Yes No
7. Are your erections less strong? Yes No
8. Have you noticed a recent deterioration in your ability to play sports? Yes No
9. Are you falling asleep after dinner? Yes No
10. Has there been a recent deterioration in your work performance?


As I say the ADAM test is only a pre-screening questionnaire.

Only the blood test can determine if you have low testosterone. Only guys with low testosterone will be prescribed androgel.


P.S. Like marinera says, androgel will NOT MAKE YOUR PENIS BIGGER. There are tons of threads on this.

What redwing is experiencing is because his testosterone was very very low. I do not believe it is growth, it is just his body restoring his penis back to the size it was before he had low testosterone.

Don´t fuck with hormones levels guys, only if you have it LOW and with MEDICAL assistence.


Androgel sucked for me. The only thing worse was patches. I switched to 200mg/wk injections and was rocking!

I took myself off the test for awhile to let my system kickstart itself for a bit (endocrine, pit) primarily.
My initial testing was 70 ng/dl from a testicular injury via hammer. My average un-treated range is 120-140 ng/dl.

At 200mg of Test cyp, I usually average 1200ng/dl within the first few days. The only problem with injections are, if you get out of whack on your shots, you will have more pronounced ups/downs in hormone swings. The only real problem for me when I’m on is controlling my sex drive!

Androgel is expensive as hell, if your insurance won’t cover it. 10mg vials of Test Cyp are like $60. If you inject 200mg per week, that’s a ten week supply!

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My jelq routine

Luckily my insurance makes me pay $20 per month. So far I have had good results but need to take another test to check my levels. Sex drive has come back. My initial reading was 40ng/dl. I am only taking the 5mg packsx 1 daily, so I would like to go to the 5mg x 2 daily and see how that works.


You have problems because you don’t live healthy!

Stop consuming soy(check all products if they have it in them because soy has a lot of estrogen

Testosterone and derivatives also increase red blood cell production which is probably why he was having the nice flaccid hang.

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