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Hypnosis and Impotence

Hypnosis and Impotence

I sometimes have trouble keeping an erection when with a girl. This doesnt affect me when I masterbate unless my mind isnt quite focused enough. As a result of this I have started taking Veega (generic viagra) before sex and I become a man made of steel. Its great but I dont want to have keep taking them.

I do beleive this to be all in my mind and have told my gf about this and she is very understanding. She doesn’t ask me if I have taken a tablet as this will start to make an issue, however I want to be able to stop them and have good long sex without the aid of tablets.

As I believe this to be all in my mind I have tried to tell myself that I dont need anything, however when it comes to the crunch its in the back of my mind that I haven’t taken a tablet and then is just goes down!

I have recently looked up hypnosis and found the following product for sale:-

Has anyone had any experience of overcoming impotence with hypnosis?

Is this worth buying? Its only $30 so i can afford to lose it.

Can it be more dangerous than good?

Has any used any of the Wendi products? There seem to be a lot of them and one is for helping increase penis size. This maybe useful for PE and help in the visualisation part of it!!.

Please share any thoughts / comments you have on this.


Silly question, but why do you think you can’t sustain an erection?

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Re: Hypnosis and Impotence

>>As I believe this to be all in my mind…
Then if this is true, hypnosis would be an excellent approach to resolving this issue.

>>Can it be more dangerous than good?
Hypnosis is quite safe.

The caveat is you have to want it to work, for it to work. Like smoking cessation, if the client is not really bent on stopping smoking, then hypnosis will not very effective long term.

My suggestion is to seek out a hypnotherapist in your area. Sexual issues such as impotence, frigidity, inhibitions, etc, are all common ground for hypnotherapy.

Almost all therapists will tape the session (usually without the induction, would be bad to listen to while driving or such) for you to use over and over again to reinforce the suggestions.

Spend your money locally. Who knows, maybe the hypnotherapist can help you in other areas as well.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

I read a self-help book on conquering anxiety awhile ago. It emphasized positive self-talk and “self-hypnosis”. Self hypnosis is not hard to learn, it’s basically just repeating messages in your head while in a most relaxed physical and mental state (near sleeping).

Psychological ED is caused from negative mind chatter, usually before the sex act even occurs; you are telling yourself that you will have ED.

Anyway, get really relaxed and repeat to yourself something like “I am a stallion in bed”. Maybe it will sink in. Sounds stupid but it works for me. Good Luck.

Thanks for all your feedback.

anna nimity, its not that I think I can’t sustain and erection its because I do lose it duing penetration. This has happened on several occasions now and the more it happens the more I believe it will happen so it continues….

I started taking Veega (Generic Viagra) to overcome the mental issue that I couldn’t go the whole hog before losing my erection. With Veega I can go on and on and on… however I almost believe that I have to take this Veega in order to have sex and that what am I trying to overcome with hypnosis.

Please let me know if any of you have any other ideas that might help me out.



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