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Humped myself silly and now I have issues!


It will not be unpopular. It’s common knowledge that if you go overboard with PE you can cause injury that results in decreased performance.

That’s the purpose of this Forum. To show the proper way to perform the exercises and give feedback to guys so they get it right.

But as far as this thread goes, SLoth has already said that he hasn’t done PE for about 3 months now, so that is not an issue here.

Ok… My visit to the doctor was not exactly pleasant but the effects of it were. I went to a Urologists office and stood in line for about 2 minutes and the nurse gave me a lighted buzzer thing like you would get at a restaurant waiting for a table. After a few pieces of paper work and 5 minutes it went off. I met the nurse at the door and went to the back where they wanted a urine sample and to take your blood pressure. Then she asked me to wait for the doc. So I did…

After about 5 minutes he walks in, an older fellow of about 60 or so. He slinks over to the corner where his stool was and sits down while glancing over my chart and questionnaire I filled out. He sets it down and looks at me and asks “Ok, so what is it doing or what is it not doing?” so I proceeded to explain my dilemma to him.

He seemed to be very interested in my changes at work with the added stress and pressure of new duties.

He then told me to stand and face the corner while I take down my pants and underwear. Of course this is while he is putting on a rubber glove so I of course get a little concerned at this point. He sits down beside me and starts feeling my balls and cock while trying to make small talk. I made some type of remark like “At least this is all I have to worry about…” he then gets up and tells me to put my elbows on the table… ever muscle in my contracted simultaneously. “Oh shit” I thought… I have never had this done before. “I am 32 years old and shouldn’t even be here” I thought… He lubed up his glove and said “try to relax”…. yeah, ok.

I can safely say that I will never try to have anal sex with a woman again… oh damn… It was over in 2 seconds flat but the effects lasted all day.

He then sat down while I struggled to and began to say that he believes that it is all in my head. As far as physical goes I was perfect. I then gave me a sample of Cialis and told me to try this and he believes that once I get more comfortable with my erections around her that I would be fine.

I took one when i left and that evening when I was at her house, telling my horrible ordeal, with her cracking up, I proceeded to get some sex started and to my surprise that shit works and works well! All I have to do now is think the word “pussy” and my dick is an instant rock. I was able to fuck her 2 times with out loosing the hard on. I would say about 30 - 40 minutes of straight pounding in about 4 - 6 different positions. I still lost a little sensation but that’s because she got a little dry after she came.

So, I am taking it a little slower at work and organizing things a little better in my life and it seems to be helping.

Thanks to all of you who commented on this as I do appreciate your feedback. Long live Thunders!

Is it really necessary to show that thing to everyone? Yes, yes it is.

Started 03/14/05: FL: 3.2 - FG: 4.25 - EL: 5.75 - EG: 5.25 |8===> Update 06/16/05: FL: 4.5 - FG: 4.9 - EL: 7.0 - EG: 5.65

Here are the pics.


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