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humiliated and ashamed


Thanks again.

Something just doesn’t make sense though. It’s been 4 days already and my libido is still almost nonexistent. While I know it was performance anxiety and it’s definitely not such a big deal, I just don’t understand why I can barely masturbate now. I’m slightly stressed out, but I’ve always been and it never caused me any problems so far. Stupid mind fucking with me…

I’m still getting some blood tests to make sure there’s nothing wrong physically.

Are you expecting to fail? Some guys receive messages from parents and older siblings that they will fail at sex. It’s a cheap way that older folks control and manipulate younger ones.

I can certainly see your libido crashing if you are expecting failure and humiliation.

Another possiblity is that you’re wracked with religious guilt. Do you think sex is a sin?

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Things like that happens to everybody in everywhere.

Sex it’s not a perfect plan. And human beings are not fucking machines. Depending on the day, how do you fill, etc… yo will perform one way or another. The same for the girls.

Real sex has nothing to do with what you see in porn movies.

The more you worry about it, you will fe more insecure.

We gave it another shot yesterday and it went far better. I was not 100% hard, but it was far enough for penetration. It can only improve with a bit of practice heh.

So thanks guys for the encouragement.

Thats great! Now next time you need to put it on her really good. HAHA


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