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HPV/Genital Warts Support Thread


Opps I missed that, thanks tinytim. I’ll post back with some results in a couple weeks.

Damn this stuff burns, but the warts are starting to fade. Here’s my routine: I first use the freezing apparatus and apply it to the wart for 30 seconds. I then wait 12 hours and apply the salicylic acid. The freezing isn’t so bad, but DAMN the acid burns like hell! I do it for twice a day for 3 days. I then peel off the wart and it’s never to be seen again. Me likey :) . You gotta be careful with the acid though, if you apply too much it will start to shed the skin on your dick rather than the wart (bad experience, take my word for it).

I think having genital warts/HPV is one of the main reasons behind my low sex drive. I would want to do it on occasion, but the mere thought of having someone touching, sucking, or even looking at my bumpy rod turned me away from sex. This is something no college student (or anyone for that matter) should have to go through. Consider it juvenile paranoia if you must, but if one of these girls were to find out I had genital warts, word would spread so fast that I would be stuck with my left hand for the rest of my college years. I know I still have the virus, but at least now I can have sex, with a condom of course ;)

I know this is an older thread but I must not have seen it back in May.
I came across it while looking for something else.

Mr Clyde, have you consulted with your doctor concerning the new vaccine for HPV?
There’s a lot of confusion right now with in the medical community on who should get it and who shouldn’t
(a fair amount of political BS also).

So you might want to do some internet research first, and then arm yourself with your info and go visit the doctor again.
Bad news is that I heard it’s a series of three injections that run about $120-150 each. Can’t confirm that part though.

Good luck bro.

Thanks rootcap.

Just thought I’d give another update. For starters, Dr. Scholl’s dual freeze away DOES NOT work. It kills the warts initially, but it makes it much worse by spreading them to new places, so don’t try it. I recently joined a site that discusses all the treatments out there for HPV, anything from using slugs to laser therapy. If you are interested, here’s the site: . Once you get on the site, go to the treatments section and click on the one about Tea Tree Oil, there’s about 700 posts on all kinds of treatments, not just TTO.

Anyway, a lot of the guys and girls on there say that the treatments offered by the doctor are expensive and for the most part useless. Aldara, the leading perscription for genital warts, is an expensive waste according to many. Laser and cyrotherapy is also expensive and leaves scars. Many claim that the warts would continue to pop up after these procedures, making the whole process even more expensive. This is why I have elected not to take to doctor route. One, because I don’t have the money, and two because there’s a good chance the warts will continue to appear after treatment. However, there is still some hope. A lot of inexpensive remedies are out there. For instance, Apple Cider Vinegar (5%) seems to work better for most people than a perscription. Its a hell of a lot cheaper than a trip to the doctor and it is easy to come by. It is suggested that you apply it topically and also ingest it. It tastes like shit, but it has its benefits. For one, it has a high amount of potassium, which promotes new cell growth. It also oxidizes your blood, making it hard for viruses to live in. It should also be noted that warts appear due to a potassium deficiency, so drinking ACV may help prevent future warts from appearing. If you don’t like the taste, which I can’t say I blame you, then eat a banana instead. Another thing, DO NOT PE if you have genital warts! It will spread them all over the place (trust me, I know). If there are any questions about using ACV or anything else, PM me and I’ll be happy to help.

Mr. Clyde I suggest you go to your local gum clinic (they’re free here in Ireland and the UK) and get them looked at as well as other STD’s. I have warts. Well one tiny small one. I think I got it from my current gf but i’m ok with it. Got a cream, warticon and it’s working great. The Doctor frooze it with a liquid nitrogen spray and gave me the cream to apply tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays moring and night. Great stuff. Thank God i’ve oinly had the one wart. It’s probably the best STD to catch and you can catch it from not having sex, just been imtimate with someone, oral sex you can catch it so it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Get it checked out straight away because warts long term can be cancerous.

Several years ago I had genital warts. I went to a dermatologist and he sprayed them with liquid nitrogen. I had a few warts return later and I froze them with dry ice.

I’ve had HPV since I was 16( 17 years), I found two warts near the base of my unit one day and had no idea what it was at first. I basically popped them off the skin, hurt a little,(I may have put something on the skin like neosporin or something I can’t remember exactly)and they were gone until just about 2 years ago. Two popped up in the same area and now one has disappeared without me doing anything. I’ve never had a problem with them spreading from jelqing either, maybe I’m just lucky?. I’m probably going to pop this one off like I did before and see if it works for another 15 years. My 2 cents.

Question. If you have had words, but they are gone, can you have unprotected sex and not give them to your partner?

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.


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