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How to know if you have permanent ed

How to know if you have permanent ed

I’m 31 and I recently went through something that never happened before. I would never have trouble staying hard when I was married a couple years ago. I could stay hard for a very long time. I got divorced and just started a relationship with someone a while ago and just started having sex. Each time I wasn’t at full erection level(not a bad level but just not 100%) and yesterday I had to pull out because I started to become flaccid. It freaked me out big time to where I couldn’t sleep last night. I haven’t been peing that long and I don’t remember having a noticeable injury. Actually about a month ago I was peing and had a few painful erections(good throbbing pain) so it seemed like it was helping. I’ve been stressed out about my size and performance every time we start to have sex because she has been with many guys, I was my exes first so I had no stress about comparison with her. I still have been able to have sex and maintain an erection but usually with doggy style and just grasping the penis at the base before sliding in. I’ve even been able to maintain an erection for a long time with just her stimulating my nipples. But when I get ready to slip on the condom my mind races about so many things and the erection starts to go. Is it permanent ed or the fact that I’m thinking too much about it? How do I know if it is permanent? I’m stressed to the max right now.

I don’t think ED is permanent. At any rate this has just started with you. Sounds like stress and size hang ups is the culprit here. Your concentration is not on your sex. And the stress of divorce is probably an issue to.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I just find that it’s hard to maintain an erection without some sort of stimulation.I’m freaking out!

Originally Posted by kingpole
I don’t think ED is permanent….

I can’t disagree with that very broad statement because that is what you think.

However (and this does not necessarily include TheCrow’s case, which sounds psychologically-based from his description), ED can be permanent when it is caused by surgical procedures like radical prostatectomy, various vascular problems, consequences of some cases of diabetes, and other factors. Fortunately, the erectile drugs we have now get most ED sufferers back in the saddle.

There is evidence that epithelial cell function can be improved significantly over time with certain ED protocols - I’ve found this to be true for me - but there is no way yet to turn an older guy with erectile system damage into a twenty-year old again with a twenty-year-old’s vascular and nervous system. Though sometimes he is able to feel twenty again with the help of drug crutches. :)

TheCrow? You have a lot of company. Many of us beginning a new sexual relationship fall into the old Performance Anxiety quagmire. You are you and unique, not the many guys your new GF has been with. Try to relax. If you can’t, ask your doctor for Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra and use that a couple of times until you get over your anxiety.



If you are getting erections your penis is working just fine. The little guys isn’t getting the correct orders from Centcom. Honestly, I can’t really do condoms myself. I stay hard probably 20% of the time and can orgasm 10% of the time. If you have never had problems with condoms before then it is probably psychological. Maybe you have desensitized yourself from too much PE/porn? Solutions: see a doctor to r/o medical issue and if everything is okay, avoid porn/masturbation for awhile or stop using condoms.

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