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How to get a bigger load?

How to get a bigger load?

I’ve done some googling on this subject but I want to hear from you guys. I like Thunder’s Place because I can find information here that one would not find else where.

So, the question is, for those of you that can shoot enormous, Peter North-style, loads, What did you do to achieve this volume?


Research: Ganesh10in, “Untraditional PE exercises”, the cumload formula.

Enigmatize, “The Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase”

Yeah the above holy grail thread gives so much information and it’s quite fun experimenting.

"If you're not first, you're last!"

5/09/09 currently sat at 5.5bp" bp x 4.25 eg. Long term goal would be 7.5nbp x 6 eg

Drink a lot of water and leave your jimmy alone for a few days. Edging seems to help build up a bigger pop. The ONLY supplement I found to do anything to cum volume was L-Arginine - but only after working up to at least 10,000 mg a day. Most people get sick and/or soil themselves before getting up that high.

Edging and not nutting every day does help it. So does ZINC and L-ARGININE.

It has been mentioned that lots of pineapple juice helps with the and it also gives the cum a better favor for your partner. I don’t know about that thing of the flavor. How would anybody know unless the partner says your cum has a better flavor, is it because of all that pineapple juice you have been drinking?

Yes. The taste of your semen is directly affected by pineapple juice. Anything sweet and fruity will work. Peaches are good too. But this is mostly done for flavor, it doesn’t really up your volume.

I’ve heard pineapples does work, one thing I didn’t get down was the timing. How long after you consume said pineapples or peaches is the flavour of the load affected?

L arginine works, 1-6 grams

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