Good question, Mike,

and one that amuses me now that I am over the hump of a bout of prostatitis.

If you’ve never had “prostatitis,” avoid it if you can. In my case there is an infection in that gland which causes the following annoying symptoms:

extreme urgency to urinate and then sparce flow
urethral pain on urination
dull and persistant ache in the PC muscle
low back pain
ejaculation isn’t painful, but it can be very painful

They tried a medication a week ago which turned out not to be effective (result, 5 more days of this unpleasantness) and we switched to another which is working real well and I’m over the pain part.

I have what I’m calling “Christmas Prostatitis.”

I’ve had this problem twice before in the past six years. When I got it the second time, my doctor who is funny and easy to be with, asked me how often I was ejaculating per week. I admitted I wasn’t doing it that often because of work and scheduling. Hey, I was up against deadlines; I had too much stuff on my mind. He told me that in the future I needed to pay more attention to getting off and did not belabor the point.

The second event happened also during a time of heavy work load. Same advice with maybe an I-told-you-so wink.

This time there was my regular work and the Christmas rush and the chaos that comes with that. Again, I just didn’t take time to pay attention to business - for a couple of weeks, maybe three I went without shooting a load. I could have. I didn’t.

What can happen with some men (and I am apparently one) is that fluid builds up in the prostate and becomes sort of “stagnant” in the sense that the prostate, being cavernous and convoluted inside, like a tonsil is, can become a fertile area for bacterial growth within that fluid. Sex or jerking off tend to flush you out and keep the bacterial count manageable. Two doctors now have told me this and you can be sure I will be paying a lot more attention to what they’re saying. Prostatitis has been no fun at all.

So consider some regularity in having sex or jerking off, guys. You may stay healthier because you have. All prostatitis is not caused by abstenance, but some cases are.

If you’re concerned ejaculating will interfere with your PE, do it later but at least with some regularity.