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How much Propecia are you guys taking?


How much Propecia are you guys taking?

I woulda just edited the title of the last Propecia thread but only a moderator can do that. So, how much are you guys taking per day? 1mg or more? I currently take 1mg once a day.

1 mg is the right dose for preventing hair loss! I know westlaw takes slightly more, but he also wants to keep the hair growing at his back in addition :chuckle: I am taking 1mg since 5 or 6 years and it’s working just perfect!

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

I almost feel like a PE newbie asking but, how long before you saw results?

LBorn is right that I’m taking about 1.1-1.3 mg per day because I’m cutting Proscar tablets into quarters and the pill isn’t round so each quarter is a bit different. My hair loss was caught early. I had some thinning that was really not noticed by anyone except my hair stylist. I think it was about three months before the thin area filled in.

LBorn is also referring to my theory that DHT causes growth of back/ear/nose hair as a man ages. My back hair went away when I started using finasteride.

Sounds great guys! Thanks!

For Propecia, yes I use the generics online site. Viagra, I use they have better prices.

hi guys,

this is interesting for me to read,as i been strugling on and of with hair loss

that stoped after some cosmetic treatments,but it is somehow geting back after several months,and my hair is geting weeker somehow again.

my questions are few,

can propecia help with the hair returning on the sides of the forhead?

i don’t know the word in english,sorry…i mean the two places from the both sides above the forhead?

also,can you use it with arginine?

it should be used all the time?there is no break period?

on the generics web site Ike has given,there are two products that prevent hair loss,

one is finasteride(generic proscar),that comes in 5mg tabletes,that should be divided,and if taken 1mg per day,than it should last much much longer than propecia,that comes in 1mg pils,which taken once a day,are spending much faster,and hence are more expensive.

my question is,which one is better?

the generic proscar,or the generic propecia,which comes more expensive?

finaly,i have never used internet to buy anything,is it safe to use generic online pharmacy with credit card to buy these things?

i hear all the time that it’s not safe to do it.

sorry for all of these questions,

i hope someone can ansver some of them.

all the best,


Grow -

The drug finasteride is the same in both Proscar and Propecia. Only the amount in each pill is different. You understand correctly that Proscar must be cut into four pieces and you also understand correctly that it is cheaper to do it this way.

The drug must be taken every day for as long as you want your hair loss halted and somewhat reversed. Once you stop, the hair loss will return. No drug makes a claim that you’ll get it all back, but there is usually some regrowth and future loss is dramatically slowed or halted.

You can visit to see pictures of male pattern baldness which does include the areas on each side above the forehead (I don’t know the English word for that area either!).

I have never purchased drugs from an online pharmacy so I cannot answer your last question.

Your written English is very good. Please make it easier for others to read it by using upper case letters at the beginning of each sentence and also for the person pronoun “I”.


Thanks a lot!

I’ll try to use uper case letters as well,we rarely use them here:)

All the best,


Where is “here”? Would you consider putting something in the “Location” block in your user profile? We have a lot of international members. It’s fun and interesting to know where others live.

ANOTHER RELIABLE SOURCE (I got my stuff (1mg Finasteride 90 pills US$58 and also 200 pills of Ephedrine HCL for US$28) within 20 days). It’s so cool to find a large envelope in the mailbox, carrying Pakistani stamps coming from ISLAMABAD… it’s a cool world :D

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Hi west,

Sure it’s better to put the location as well:)

So,in my understanding,is it taking proscar less efective than propecia?

Because it is much cheaper,I counted that if I take 60 pils bottle of proscar,

each of 5mg pils,than it can last for me for almost a year,unlike propecia,

that would go for like three months,untill spend away,not mentioning the more expensive price for the 90pils bottle as well.

So,are they equally efective,or…?

As I understood,proscar worked for you as well.

Did you took it on docs prescription,or on your own?

Thanks and all the best,


growely - the drug is the same in both pills. It’s stronger in the Proscar. You only need one milligram per day. Buying 60 Proscar and cutting them into four pieces each will give you 240 days of drug. Buying 90 Propecia (at one milligram per pill) will give you only 90 days of drug. Proscar pills do not cost five times what Propecia pills cost even though they contain five times the amount of drug. You’d save a lot of money with the Proscar.

It is the same drug. It works for me. I have a doctor friend who knows why I want Proscar and he writes a prescription for me.

Hi west,


Sounds great to me.

All the best,


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