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How long are you guys that can reach your wife's/GF's cervix?


How long are you guys that can reach your wife's/GF's cervix?

I’m wondering what it takes on average to reach the cervix? I can’t reach my wife’s cervix but I have had one experience with a lady before marriage where I was able to easily reach it and it was a very pleasant sensation. It would be nice to experience that again and might be a good goal for me. I guess I could always slide a measuring stick in her pussy but I don’t think she would go for that.

The depth of the vagina well vary a great deal depending on body positioning. I’m not overly large (6.5-7NBP) and I can reach most girls I’ve been with cervix’s in some positions. If you want more depth get creative, put her legs over your shoulders, etc…

I don’t think you want to bang into the cervix. This no feel too good, at least that’s what wifey says in no uncertain terms. Going beyond into the fornix and the epicenter is what bigger boys can do. Good illustrations here:

Warning: do not take this or anything else on this website too seriously. A lot of it is a crock of dooky. And don’t get depressed!

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>I guess I could always slide a measuring stick in her pussy but I don’t think she would go for that.<

LOL!! Do it anyway! I could reach my ex’s cervix with my fingers, so I guess it’s not that far in for her, but from what I read, going past the cervix are the areas that you need to be able to reach.


I’ve always hit the inside. Be careful. Most girls don’t like it. Specially when it’s close or during their period. I’ve had a few that love getting banged inside. It makes them cum easier.

ss4jelq…with your fingers?? WOW!!

My hands are medium size at best.. I have touched my wife’s cervix with my fingers almost every time I’ve tried. I don’t remember any time that i couldn’t. It’s not normally very far inside.

Heh, my dick is small, and I still hit my girlfriend’s cervix when I’m really hard, missionary. Her cooch is small, so I’m on PE for myself (only 5” nbp, only want 6”) and I want more girth, to please her a bit more. We’re both asian, which explains the small dick and cooch ;)

deeznuts….I’ve had several asian girls with very deep coochs. :)

Yea guys, as made obvious by the above responses….reaching the cervix depends on the woman. I’ve been with women whom I could tap their cervix with them on top. Others it was in the “doggystyle” position…others it was me on top. It just depends on her and many times on her level of physical arousal.

Thanks GB. I bookmarked that one for study. No reason to get depressed but thank you for your kind words.

deeznuts- I’ve got an Asian wife too that’s only 5’ tall and I can’t reach it. I’m 6.75 BPEL. You would think that would be enough but it’s not. I’m somewhere between 5.38-5.50 EG so she gets a little stretch from me but that’s about it. I’ll keep working on it.

Thanks everyone


Also here from BKK. I screwed many Thais before I married my wife. Some of my one-night stands were pretty easy for hitting ground but not so for my wife. Her vagina seems to be like a very long tunnel.



So girls like it when you hit the cervix? People seem to think different things. Also, is it good to be able to get past the cervix?

AndreasF…I love Thailand. I’ve been to Phuket twice. :)

I started hitting it at just over 7” bpel. I’m all over it now at 7.875

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


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