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How do you get rid of a FAT PAD ?


How do you get rid of a FAT PAD ?

I am have a fat pad that is about 3/4 to one inch in depth. If I press down on my pubis mons, my pubic fat will be depressed about 3/4 of an inch which really makes me angry. But before any moderators get angry at me for rehashing an old subject or for something else know this; I did an advanced search for “fat pad” and ended up empty handed. Why is this so? Am I the only fatty on here? Or is everyone so focused on penises they overlook the fat man pad. I hope other fat men can not only empathize with me, but give me some sort of solution.

I tried putting my hand over my pubis mons and flexed all kinds of muscles vigorously. I noticed that none of the muscles I flexed worked out that fat man pad area. I read in many health forums that spot exercise is useless, I hope this doesn’t apply to the fatty pad.

Spot reduction does not work and if there was a muscle at the fat pad that you could work hardcore its size would increase and your fat pad would stay the same making even less of your penis visible/usable. :)

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I’m surprised your advanced search didn’t turn up stuff on this. There has been tons of post regarding fat pad reduction.

First off, Bluray makes a good point. Spot reduction is not an option. When you decrease caloric intake and increase caloric burn you lose fat, but the loss is all over. In most cases the first fatty areas acquired is the last fat to leave, because it is more dense. This is why when people lose weight it is usually first noticed in the face and neck and in women the breast. With women hips and ass are the hardest places to thin down, with men it’s the gut, and more precisely the lower abdomen. Unfortunately the pubic fat pad is usually the very last spot on the male body to see any reduction. However, the best exercises to reduce the gut and fat pad is working the thighs. Sit ups and crunches actually make the problem worse temporally because when you build muscle under the fat the abdomen gets thicker and causes even more turtling. Sometimes a very muscular lower ab hides just as much flaccid dick as a thick fat pad.

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I also have 3/4 to 1” fatpad. I’m pretty much resigned to the idea that it will always be there.
I think that area, and around the sides of your pelvis are the last to loose fat. It’s pretty hard to get rid of.

The best way to measure yourself sans fatpat without resorting to bone-pressed trickery is to measure laying on your back and
Erection pointing straight up. The fatpad flattens out more and gives you a little more visible cock.
If you want someone to see the most of what you have then show them laying down.

The sure fire way to reduce your fat pad is:

1. A strict diet.

2. Lots of cardio work

3. Weight training. Of any type.

You must follow a strict weekly and daily routine.

A 3/4 inch fat pad is not that bad at all. The better off you are to start with, the harder it will be to see improvements in the fat pad. So if you are set on reducing it be ready for some hard work.

Best of luck to you.

Diet (decreasing calories) is by far the most effective way to decrease fat. I’ve gone from a high 190 lbs. to 165 lbs. over a few months many times and have done it both with and without exercise. Exercise played a minor role. Weight training helped somewhat by minimizing muscle loss. Also upping % calories coming from protein is probably important when dieting as this also minimizes muscle losses.…39/?tool=pubmed

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Working out never helped me lose weight.

Eating less did.

Spot reduction=liposuction. That is all.

Diet, diet, diet.

Repeat when necessary.

When i was 185 pounds it was because I was stressed about my divorce and not eating for days on end.

I`m now 220 pounds and I eat three good meals a day. I work out the same and play the same amount of soccer.

My dick was smaller though….ha ha ha.

Originally Posted by skatezy777
Hi Bohm,

Did you find that reducing the fat pad increased your NBPEL?


Nothing noticeable. I would estimate that there’s ~ 1/8” less in NBPEL when going from 165 to 190 lbs.

Starting Size: April, 28, 2010: NBPEL-7" Girth-6" (base, MSG, glans)

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My fat pad is about 1” also. I have a 1” difference between my NBPEL and BPEL. I am a bit overweight, so this is definitely contributing to my size. When I was in my teens and early 20’s, I had almost no fat pad. I was also in great shape at that time. Time to get back in shape!

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Me too, I measured today my fat pad I have 1.2” difference. I’m not overweight so I will diet until I reach suitable weight corresponding my tall.

Fasting will put your body into ketosis, where it will begin to regenerate cells and draw on fat for energy. This will cause the release of toxins from your fat and that area of your body is one of the areas where unhealthy and toxic ridden fat is stored. Consuming healthy fats such as cold pressed virgin olive oil and unrefined virgin coconut oil will also help you reduce your fat pad.

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