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I’m not an expert on boobs but my wife’s look about the same as before she ever had kids. Do some research on breastfeeding and you will find that mother’s get fat so they will have the resources to produce milk. If they don’t breast feed, the fat never really comes off. Seems like that would make for fat saggy boobs for the non feeders. I do know that my wife didn’t work out but the fat melted away from breast feeding. After about six months she would be back to pre-pregnancy weight and looking good.

My wife’s boobs were extremely firm and perky before kids. After 2 kids and about 3 years of breastfeeding, they became much floppier and droopier.

Recently, however, some of her youthful perkiness has come back. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s exercise or just the fact that it took some time for her to recover.

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