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Hot Dog In A Hallway

Originally Posted by theone11
My girlfriend is gonna have a baby and I was wondering if after she has it, will sex be like throwing a hot dog in a hallway or does it tighten back up to about where it is now?

You will be able to stick your head as well as your tounge into the cavern, just make sure that you attach a light to the top your head so you can see where you are going.

theone, I think Dr. Lin has a product to tighten her up after a yung en.

Have her breast feed the baby. Three great reasons. #1-It is the healthiest food for the baby. #2-It will help her shed her weight quicker. #3-Breastfeeding naturally helps tighten up her insides. It causes cramping for awhile and can be painful but that is the trigger for the uterus to contract back to a normal size.

My wife has had 5 kids and breastfeeding got her back to her normal weight, about 122# without working out.

5 kids lasting????? Holy crap I started my Zanax perscription after two.

Doesn’t breast-feeding make the boobs look gross after she stops though?

Originally Posted by Mr. Nine

theone, I think Dr. Lin has a product to tighten her up after a yung en.

Is this your standard reply of the week Nine. :leftie:


I suggest strapping a two by four across your ass so you don’t fall in that thing. (just kidding)

Good luck with your new family. What made you decide to impregnate someone at the age of 18? Are you both working? What are your plans for the future?

Sorry I got carried away.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I’m in school to be a doctor and I’m working right now but my main source of income right now is my Dad. He pays for an apartment for my girl and me and I pay for everything else. I gotta quit working this year cause school is getting tougher. My Dad is paying for everything for now but I’ll pay him back later. Once I get outta school I’ll probably start my own practice. My girl is working but she’s gonna quit eventually and just take care of the kid. I’ll get her to go back to school once the kid starts going to school. And just so you guys know, I’m not a spoiled bastard, I’ve worked since I turned 16 and always paid for my own stuff till I moved out and my Dad pays for it. Plus, I’ve been straight A student all my life.

You paid for everything UNTIL you moved out? Did you pay rent there?

Besides that, I was a minor c’mon, I mean stuff for myself, my car and stuff

Originally Posted by theone11
I’m in school to be a doctor …

For a ‘medical student’ it seems that you know remarkably little about the human body.

If quitters never win, and winners never quit, who came up with, "Quit while you're ahead"?

"Boom goes the dynamite."

I’m actually only a sophomore right now and my first anatomy class is next semester and it’s not a vagina anatomy class either so sorry I don’t know about that stuff.

” Vagina anatomy class” ???

Do they really teach that in med school?

Hey, guys. Let’s not beat up on the lifestyle of our potental doctor member. Someday he may be advising you on how to build a larger cock without injuring yourself in the process.

I have a friend who went into medical school at age forty, shifting from another career. She became a plastic surgeon, in debt at the end of her residency to the tune of over $400,000, after she set up her office. Her parents were delighted to help her along in the lean years. She is delighted to help them along now.



Originally Posted by buddy_rich66
” Vagina anatomy class” ???

Do they really teach that in med school?

:rofl: :funpost:

Yeah they teach it at the med school the “Boob exam scam” guys go to get their doctorate.

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