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Hormonal/ Varicocele Issue

Hormonal/ Varicocele Issue

I have already corresponded with some members here, but thought I should post a thread to get more advice/ thoughts on how to solve my issue.

1.I’m a 24 year old male, experiencing anxiety and mild depression with little to no libido/ED problems. I have a healthy diet, workout regularly and don’t drink/take drugs much. I had a series of blood related hormone tests of which were the following:

Serum FSH - 1.7 U/ L ( 1.5 - 12.4)
Serum LH - 3.5 U/L (1.7 - 8.6)
Prolactin - 224 mU/L ( 86 - 324)
Serum testosterone 17.5 nmol/ L (11.4)

The blood test was taken at 16.17 in the day which may be a reason behind the poor results, my previous test a few months before was 23.1 nmol/l for testosterone, however this was taken around 11am.

I have a varicocele which I plan to get surgically removed in the coming months. If this however doesn’t resolve the issue, what are my options ?

Is there any point visiting an endocrinologist ? I have low medium testosterone scores which definitely won’t be treated on the NHS, so probably just wasting my money visiting one. I feel i would be too young for TRT so clomid may be a viable option. I can’t seem to find any private TRT clinics in UK/Ireland.

Some of my family are in the medical community and dismiss my claims, blaming on my claims on my OCD like thinking. I am intelligent and well versed on the issue, so this just frustrates me.

2. Im concerned my hormone levels could have effect my potential penis size during puberty without reaching its outcome. I am around 7.25 BPEL x 5.25 at thickest point with small glans around (4.2). I’m really concerned about this.

3.Does anyone recommend any specific PE exercises ? I seem to be fruitless in this PE game, I think to gain it is nearly essential to have a good libido/ erection quality. I will admit I watch porn when I PE, I believe however this isn’t related to my eq/ libido issue because when I didn’t watch it I had the same issue.

I’m not a doctor.

Get your thyroid checked (TSH, free t4 , free t3) , also check cortisol levels.

Do you take any medications? Do you watch porn? Do you go out?

See if you’re deficient in Vit D.

FIxing the varicocele could also help .

I asked my Gp to check all my hormones, this everything her gave me back. From speaking to him on the phone he seems to me wanting to go down the route of SSRI’s blaming this on depression which I feel is wrong, as I ave overcome this issue mainly.

I plan to get the varicocele treated son I just have to pay for privately if I’m to be operated on anytime in the next 2 years. If the surgery doesn’t impove things I will visit an endocrinologist. I don’t fancy buying clomid online and treating myself.

I’m watching alot of porn at the moment, as its the only thing I can get an erection with due to my low libido.

Mm no stop porn, forget about your penis for one or two weeks, get other hormones checked, and also do as much as you can to change how you feel. It is interesting to check hormones and stuff but you can’t just rely on them, tackle the problem from all angles.
You already do a great job of working out and eating healthy, but go out more often, talk to girls , check them out, try to shift your libido towards reality ( at least that’s what I’m trying to do ) as opposed to the frustating anxiety creator that is porn.
How well do you sleep?

After you’ve taken time off and have lowered your anxiety a bit, you could work on your own imagination , and edge without releasing more than once or twice a week.

You could try to take some rhodiola or lemon balm (make sure it’s a proper extract and brand).

Do you work on your breathing? If not, then check deep breathing technique and pay attention to how you breeze during the day.

Thanks Walter, I started rhodiola which has relaxed my mind a lot more and have been 3 days porn free.

I feel PE will be more beneficial to me, once I have a healthy penis and libido. I had an attitude that I needed to PE to be happy, I am trying to transcend this and be happy as I am for the moment. I hope we can correspond more about these issues.

You re doing all the wrong things young man. your body is not to be treated nor tested by Dr Google

Blue eye, blonde latino

sricardo is right on this one. Don’t make autodiagnoses. Hormonal levels can vary widely in one man to another without that being meaningful. Also T levels have to be checked more than one time over the course of the day, and then you have to loo at how much free testosterone you have, not serum testosterone.

I’m not taking action into my own hands by choice, my GP refuses to refer me to an endocrinologist. I respect the job a doctor does and am not pretending to be some kind of know it all. All I know is that I can’t keep going on like this and I need to make a change.

I have mild ED, no libido, tiredness all classic symptoms of unbalance hormones. I can’t understand why a trained doctor can’t connect the dots here, he wants to put me on an SSRI instead which seems like an unwise choice as it will most likely destroy the little libido I have left.

I agree with you about that. Can’t you be referred to an endocrinologist through another GP? Or tell to your GP that you balls hurt all the time and you want to be referred to a fucking endocrinologist or you will beat his mum on the theet with a baseball bat. Well, just kidding now.

Haha, I like your logic. I will try through another GP if not more sinister methods may have too be deployed. :P

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