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Holding in urine erection quality?

Holding in urine erection quality?

I was having some weird sexual discussion with friends and at some point one of them suggested that holding in your urine for a long time might effect your erection quality.

There might be some truth to this since you are straining your muscles when holding your pee in. But does this mean they are temporarily tired (low EQ) and are you strengthening them in the long run (better EQ) Or is this simply damaging since you are developing muscles in the wrong way?

It also might just be total bull crap.

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I’m not sure either, but I definitely have better EQ when I have to pee.

Probably miniscule, but in theory you are holding a kegel. Which is training.

But you get a lot more out of pissing and then doing real kegels instead.

regards, mgus

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Holding Pee= Kegel
Peeing=Reverse kegel

There you have it ;)

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