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High Estrogen levels on Athletic 20 year old... WTF DUDE

Originally Posted by invictus
…What I meant by credentials… I am not looking for “I am a PhD from Utrecht University…

WTF?!? Dude, I busted my ass getting my degree from Utrecht University. It is a darn fine school and I am so sick of you silver spoon in the mouth types cutting it down. An entire thread of “don’t be so offended”, over and over followed by, “i’m not trying to insult you”. :mad:

You can sugar coat it all you want, acting all innocent and nice. But the fact remains that you are going out of your way to slander and bad mouth Utrecht University. What the hell is your problem with them? It is a good thing that someone already gave you a time out before I got to you or I would have given you a 2 year hold. That would give you time to take your 4 year degree to Utrecht and convert it to a masters. Ha! Like they would let you in. :rolleyes:

Originally Posted by invictus
mgus… I’m calling you Taliban from now on…
Thatcat: your a Douche bag

Not real bright. You might want to read the forum guidelines before you post again.

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Check your diet.

In this month of (men’s health ) had a great article on high estrogen levels in men.

Maybe your health food maybe causing your problems.

The name of the article is soy’s dark 146. June edition.

Soy is found in many foods these days.

Trying to fix hormone levels that aren’t broken is risky business.

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
Trying to fix hormone levels that aren’t broken is risky business.

I agree totally with Para-G.

Also, we men associate “testosterone” with virility for reasons having to do mostly with media.

What is really dangerous is to try to tinker with your testosterone levels when you don’t have a fucking clue what yours are.



If it ain’t broken don’t fix it. By all the retorts it sounds like he has plenty of testosterone going on.

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Originally Posted by kingpole
If it ain’t broken don’t fix it. By all the retorts it sounds like he has plenty of testosterone going on.

Actually that could be his high estrogen levels.

In any event when he’s able to post I’ll be happy to help him.


OK, but are they really high? You seem to know this stuff - any links or stuff to post here on normal ranges for age groups etc?

regards, mgus

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Well skipping all the unfortunate things that were said, him being in the low 500’s if I remember correctly are definitely low for a twenty year old.

Let me elaborate on that. Some 20 year olds out there may only have 3-4 hundred, and feel very sexual. But most twenty year olds as told by my doctor come back at around 800-1100 on the 300-1100 ref. Range.

Originally Posted by mgus

OK, but are they really high? You seem to know this stuff - any links or stuff to post here on normal ranges for age groups etc?

Estradiol is mainly formed by peripheral aromatization of testosterone in fatty and muscle tissues. His number is high for his age and in the upper limits of normal for older folks. It seems he does indeed have a high percentage of conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Lots of recent studies have also found increasingly higher levels of estrogen in young males. Most of the causes have been environmental. One study found drinking water is loaded with estrogen from water treatment plants not removing 17-ethynylestradiol (the active chemical in birth-control pills).

His short fuse could very well be a result of hormonal imbalance and that’s what we see here. He has a LOW Test level for his age (low normal) and high estrogen level (high normal) for his age when the INVERSE should always be true for most males his age. His rations are off!

You can’t look at just one level and say it’s within normal limits. Test for a 21 year old man should be near the upper limits of normal.

I’d also like him to have a SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) level taken. You can have lots of Free testosterone in your blood, but a high percentage might be bound by this hormone.

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Originally Posted by invictus
I don’t agree that i’ll necessarily have to live with how my body regulates hormones. That is why test/estrogen supplements exist. Also, HardHead, do you have experience with steroids? Please give me direct references if you do. Not to insult you, but I am not exactly looking for people with no experience in the matter to tell me what I should/shouldn’t do. That’s like listening to a virgin, explain to you how to fuck.

I’m undergrad bio major and have been doing a lot of research on the topic, having weekly conversations with a doctor at the library (she is against steroids, but as a realist, understands the positive benefit of the things I am looking for). I keep an open mind for all possibilities (both negative and positive).

So again, not to insult anyone, especially vets giving me advice, but unless you have experience with the products, please make sure you point this out. I fear too much government propaganda has negatively affected the opinions of many, regarding testosterone, and other hormone use. Just like alcohol, anything in excess is damaging.

Hardhead, you do give me good advice, however. I will hold this judgement, as to what I will use, if anything, until after I see my doctor next week and get another blood test. Although I think I don’t have a problem, and my ranges might be average, that isn’t the point. I’d like to tweak my levels to get the best of my body.

Andro- you are right. But they also fluctuate weekly. So why are my test levels so low, in that particular week, given that during that week I was weight lifting? I’m 20 years old highly active male; those test levels are at the bottom of the spectrum.

Some excellent points. Even some endocrinologist are clueless about Testosterone levels and so on!

A single random sample provides a good approximation of the average testosterone concentration with the realization that testosterone levels fluctuate in response to pulsatile LH. Testosterone is generally lower in the late afternoon and is reduced by acute illness. The testosterone concentration in healthy young men ranges from 300 to 1000 ng/dL in most laboratories, although these reference ranges are not derived from population-based random samples.

Hypogonadism is often heralded by decreased sex drive, reduced frequency of sexual intercourse or inability to maintain erections, reduced beard growth, loss of muscle mass, decreased testicular size, and gynecomastia. Less than 10% of patients with erectile dysfunction alone have testosterone deficiency. Thus, it is useful to look for a constellation of symptoms and signs suggestive of androgen deficiency.

When symptoms or clinical features suggest possible androgen deficiency, the laboratory evaluation is initiated by the measurement of total testosterone, preferably in the morning (Fig. 340-6). A total testosterone level <200 ng/dL measured by a reliable assay, in association with symptoms, is evidence of testosterone deficiency. An early-morning testosterone level >350 ng/dL makes the diagnosis of androgen deficiency unlikely. In men with testosterone levels between 200 and 350 ng/dL, the total testosterone level should be repeated and a free testosterone level should be measured.

Androgen therapy is indicated to restore testosterone levels to normal to correct features of androgen deficiency. Testosterone replacement improves libido and overall sexual activity; increases energy, lean muscle mass, and bone density; and gives the patient a better sense of well-being. The benefits of testosterone replacement therapy have only been proven in men who have documented androgen deficiency, as demonstrated by testosterone levels that are well below the lower limit of normal (<250 ng/dL).

Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 17th edition.

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Originally Posted by thethickone

Some excellent points. Even some endocrinologist are clueless about Testosterone levels and so on!

A good reason to avoid self-hormonal-engineering, I think

Originally Posted by marinera
A good reason to avoid self-hormonal-engineering, I think

Not really. I’ve known some Endo’s that didn’t want to treat hormonal imbalances and then see another Endo go ape crap over the same test results. It’s a known fact that quite a few body builders are more up to date and knowledgeable about the hormonal levels than most doctors.

It’s known fact? By who?

Here’s an old thread that many would benefit from visiting.

How I got androgel


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