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Hi guys need help with choosing kegel routine

Hi guys need help with choosing kegel routine

Hi guys , lately I have some problems with my erection , when I fuck without condom my erection is 100% hard , and if it drops it drops when a girls is jerking me off but this is happens very rarely . But when I have sex with a condom on , it’s a completely different story , my penis goes to 50% hard or even more soft and sometimes varies from 100% hard I put it in and then after 5-10 seconds its 50% hard why is this happening ? and sometimes when I have sex with a condom on if I don’t pull it out it can go completely soft , then I jerk off or let the girl to suck my dick and become 100% hard again and then I put it and again it varies from 10-20-50-60-75-90-and most likely never 100% unless I have to cum . Any Ideas why is this happening ? After 1 year I will be mid twenties ? Is this normal ? I am so scared right now ?

In the last months I hit the gym really hard and added some muscle mass ? Is that the reason ?

And please tell me what is the perfect routine for erection ? I mean kegel routines because I read here and on other places and everythread I open to read about kegel says completely different things ?

For example I read somewhere that it is best to do 100 fast 1 second kegels 3 times a week , then on another place I read that it’s better to do that but 25x5 second kegels 3 times a week , then in another article I read that the best is 15x15 seconds 3 times a week , and then I find information like this in different kegel articles like that , that it is best to do kegels 3 times a week , on another place writes , every other day and on third article it writes that it is best to do kegels everyday ?

So can someone tell me which from this routines is best ? 100x1second , 25x5 second , 15x15 seconds and how many times , everyday /every other day or 3 times a week ?

My main goal right now is to have the erection which I have 1 years ago , always hard no matter if I have condom on ? Please guys help me , which kegel routine should I choose ? I am sorry for my bad English not my main language .

Do you masturbate often? How is your diet?

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It sounds like condoms are a problem, not kegels or pelvic floor.

If you hit the gym then squats are said to provide benefits (blood flow + pelvic floor strength) .

I don’ masturbate often , probably 1 to 2 times a week , my diet varies sometimes I am on a good diet , but right now I am on a bulky period so I eat more than normal .
Right now I am several months off pe , and I will start again after several months , but I think it won’t hurt If I start only with a kegel routine ?
Actually that’s a good idea to try different condoms but I doubt it’s the condom , probably my penis is a lot less sensitive with a condom on .

Can you guys please tell me what is the best kegel routine for erection strenght ?
How many times a week ? 3 times / everyother day / or everyday ?
How to perform 1second x 100 kegels , 5 seconds x 25 kegels or 15 seconds x 15 kegels ?

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