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Hey big load shooters...

Just wanted to bump this very hot thread!

A strong weight session under power, can lead to powerful eruptions if you are trained.. I noticed the same thing.

In my experiences Tribulus Terrestris increases load by almost 2x, and makes you much hornier. It’s arguable whether or not the stuff works, but I know it does for me. :)

No response as to if the L-Arginine and pygeum worked?

My girlfriend wants me to ejaculate more volume. And hell after having to give the semen sample today to verify the vasectomy that I had 6 years ago worked I do too. I have discussed with both my doctor and my girlfriend both that my ejaculate volume has greatly decreased within the last 14 months. Still searching the forums for a possible answer.

L-arginine helps, zinc helps, ZMA can help, drinking water helps, and I’ve heard/read lecithin helps as well. I’ve always been a big shooter, but one of my biggest, thickest loads of all time was after 2 weeks of complete abstinence and supplementing with 3-5 grams of arginine every day in between. Maybe 10 shots, all completely white.

I will caution though, from experience with “storing it up” and taking supplements, the load will smell stronger (that bleach/chlorine smell) and my fiancee has told me it tastes stronger as well. I guess a little trade-off. LOL

2/11/11: 7.75" BPEL, 6" BSEG, 5.5" MSEG

6/4/11: 8.4" BPEL, 6.375" BSEG, 5.8" MSEG

Just started again, another new measurement coming soon; I'm pretty close to that June '11 though.

Thanks Stallion.

I think I may need to add lecithin to the mix because I have been on arginine over 2800mg daily for a long time now even before PE. I didn’t know its effect on load size. And apparently it has none on me. I will have to check the zinc content of the supplement I do use. Actually I forgot I posted all that content in another thread here.. (30mg). I may also need to do a little more edging during the act. I mean really I was quite ashamed of the tiny amount that I had to hand in to the old nurse at the lab today. I doubt they had much to test!

As far as the trade. My GF has asked if I could improve the amount. As much as I love getting a woman off and watching her enjoy her orgasm, she feels let down or that she has not done a good job if I don’t produce a good amount. Not to mention she like the taste.


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