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Hey big load shooters...

Anna, this is an interesting topic. My girl and I have great discussions about this. It’s amazing that the perception about cum and juices in general can be so different with different people.

Just today, my girl told me that she loves the way my cum tastes. She said it has a bit of sweetness to it. Now i don’t have any special diet to make my load sweeter so i think part of it is genetics and body chemistry.

Anna I think there are many mysterious factors that determine the consistancy, color, flavor, volume, etc. of both men’s and women’s juices. We have notice big variations from one time to the next. I have seen little dribbles that embarrassed me, and other times creamy gushers.

Here’s one. Day before yesterday my girl and i had the best and most unusual sex in our four+ years. We did our usual build up of several times of “almost cumming” and then let it die down. Something was unusual this day. She was sitting on top when we decided to cum. I could feel the top of her pussy stretched tightly over the end of my dick. Her cervix was going all over the head.

When I started to cum it started like usual except I could feel pressure building up in my urethra. My orgasm had the usual 6-8 waves as my cummer was pumping, then about the time I thought it would diminish, she squirmed around some more. Then I felt myself gushing, BIG TIME. She squealed with delight, and I continued having the orgasm of my life. Instead of the normal 6-8 shock waves, it was double that or more. My balls felt like they had been electrocuted (in a good way). It was just so intense.

I am thinking that the first half of this killer orgasm, my cum couldn’t come out due to her being tight over the end. I think my cummer just filled my pipes and pressurized them, but maybe the cummer keeps going as long as there is cum still inside. When she wiggled around, the end of my dick had enough room momentarily to squirt. We’ve had some very interesting orgasms over the years, but this one was out of this world. It was for her too because I kept cumming so long and she loves to feel me cumming. We both still have silly grins on our faces about what we did. Now we have to figure out what we did, so we can make it happen again. Life is full of surprises.

Anna, i like your thought about your body wanting to make a baby with someone you are very attracted to. I think there is something inside us that makes us want to do this, but it has to be with someone that we are very attracted to.

I have never before wanted to make a baby with any woman. When i am cumming i would love to know that the end of my dick and the little hole in her cervix would occasionally line up, and i would put a direct squirt of my baby batter right up inside her little baby maker. We both are very turned on at the thought of making a baby. We are both a little old for that, but we sure love to fantasize about it.

I saw a documentary on Discovery Health Channel about sex. One interesting thing it said was that when a woman is very attracted to a man, her pussy will cum when he does. The woman’s cervix moves in and out during orgasm, taking little sips of cum. So if you want to have a man’s baby, your pussy will do tricks for you to try to make it happen.

The opposite is also true. If a woman is having sex with a man that she is not especially attracted to, she will not cum with him, or not cum at all, thus not putting the cum where it needs to go.

My girl and i came together the first time. She had not had an orgasm in several years. She didn’t know if she could cum. Oh my God did she cum, and she was so surprised. Since then we have cum at the same time 99% of the time. I know this isn’t common. We are a rare match, our body parts fit together like magic.

Southpaw, you are my kinda man. What a fascinating subject. My girl can feel the temperature difference but she also feels the squirt when it hits. I know it’s happening because she usually squeals, “oh God i can feel your cum squiring inside me”. Like you, that turns me on, and makes me cum even harder.

Since my girl absolutely loves my cum, i have been interesting in increasing my load. I have tried some of the over the counter stuff with questionable results. I will be interested to hear the results of your experiment. You are certainly more scientific about it.

I have been taking Clomid for 6-8 months. Had to buy it overseas. It makes a noticeable difference. My balls have increased in size and my load is bigger, but i’m still no Peter North. I cycle on and off the Clomid and am taking a pretty low doseage. I have noticed no negative side effects. I am interested in your opinion of taking Clomid.

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If you knew how much I hang on to your every word…

I am just fanscinated in what it must feel like for a guy to be inside of us and to feel cum shooting out of you. Sometimes I compare it to when I have to do to the bathroom really bad and the intensity of the urine rushing out of me. But to have it travel through your sexual organs has to be much better than the feeling of relief I feel.

What’s the topic again? Oh yeah…I image how far one might be within the vagina would make a difference on how or what is felt.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

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Thanks for the info Southpaw. Unfortunately L-arganine is not available in Canada (or so is said on this site) but I will check availability of Pygeum. I will be interested in reading how you fare in a week or so.

Also, as RB asked, how much zinc per dose is recommended? I just checked the vitamin bottle and they only have 15mg of zinc. That doesn’t sound like a whole lot.

Anna, when i was young and stupid, i had sex, and finished with an orgasm. Simple and ordinary.

The sex i/we have now is different and sooooo good. I think what you were talking about is very true. When you are very very attracted to someone, your body does special things. Now, when i have sex, my balls start to ache (it feels good). We start and stop as many times as we can stand. When i finally cum it is so powerful that i can feel the stream building, i can feel the gush as it travels through my urethra and out the end. Then i imagine what it must look like inside her sweet pussy as i am drenching her cervix. You are right, it’s a wonderful sensation.

Sometimes just before we cum, she will say something like, “Please, I want to feel your hot cum, now.” When she says that, it makes me cum like a race horse. I feel like electricity is hooked up to my sex organs. I make animal noises. So does she. Sometimes it is so tense that all we can do for several minutes afterward is quiver and shake. Sometimes i can feel her pussy still quivering inside. We stay hooked up for a long time aferwards. Little aftershocks occur in both of us for several minutes. Almost like little orgasms. Wonderful stuff, sex and love, especially when they are mixed together.

I have a reply to you drgmerlin, but I am going to do it in the erotic forum because what I have to say will be too graphic for here.

Does the warmth of your spunk come from the intensity to your arousal point/orgasm? Could a man who is extremely turned on shoot a hotter load then someone just trying to get a nut or someone just masturbating?

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

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I wouldn’t think so, I suspect it’s all regulated by body temperature around the storage areas…

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Doesn’t a person’s body temperature rise when they are aroused?

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

I don’t know. That would make sense, I guess…

Arouse me and let’s find out together :)

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

Funny how our posts to this thread break into two parts: (1) erotic, and (2) clinical.

First the erotic (as if I have the discipline to write the clinical stuff first!):

Anna: I will go to the erotic forum for sure, but why not just post whatever you are going to write here?

Anyway, concerning you wondering what it is like to ejaculate into a womans vagina: We menfolk—knowing what it is like to ejaculate—likewise wonder what it is like to be on the receiving end, the equal and opposite of you, of course. As women are multiorgasmic, we feel a bit overmatched in that department and feel a bit more performance pressure because we only get one shot and then we are down for the count for at least a while. The most exquisite feeling of an orgasm for men is debatable between the moment just BEFORE orgasm, or the first two or three jets. The feeling of inevitability or “point of no return” you read or hear about is where we can go right up to the brink of without going over, kind of like hanging your toes over the side of a cliff and peering down without falling off. If you are fine tuned with your body well enough you can push it right to the edge (but ladies—you MUST hold still!!) Then when we get the “go” signal, and our prostate starts spilling semen into the back of our urethra (the feeling is several inches deep inside the pelvis, not felt in any part of the penis you can see) and it feels like the shock of spilling a bucket of paint into a trough. This area of the urethra is like a deflated baloon and contains muscles (the pubocoxygeal, or PC) that are very sensitive to being filled up and expanded (blowing up the baloon), and the fuller the baloon is filled, the harder the PC muscles want to contract. So the bigger the load, the harder the contraction, and we can tell if its going to be a big load or not right then and there. The feeling of this baloon being filled is like pure heaven…there is no other feeling for a man. Then there is the second, second and a half of stillness, like seeing the lightning flash and waiting for the boom, and then WHAM—you feel the first hard contraction as the PC muscle empties the balooned area like a sledgehammer hitting a water baloon and shooting a jet of semen down the tube of the urethra. It is my experience the first contraction primes the pump for me, so to speak. In other words, the first contraction sends the first jet of semen down the length of my cock
but nothing comes out, then the second contraction shoots that jet out the end. My lady said she could feel each pulse of my urethra and demonstrated by running her index finger down my forearm in short, quick motions….stop-start-stop-start…each pulse making it about half way, then being shoved forward by the next one. This confirmed what she felt was what I felt I was doing internally. I thrust my penis as deep in her as I can, and for the first three or four wonderful contractions I am pinned to her, unable to move, unable to breathe, being able to do nothing except shoot jet after jet of semen into her. I want to impregnate her, I want to shoot my semen directly through her cervix and into her uterus and bathe her ovaries in my sperm.

And THAT, my dear Anna, is what its like for a man to ejaculate semen into a woman’s vagina … .

Okay, your turn :)


--- Southpaw

Okay—-YAWN—now for the clinical part

Anna: Thanks for your insight. So my ladyfriend was more perceptive than I thought. I dismissed a lot of it as horny/passionate fantasizing/wishful thinking, but you said what she felt was entirely possible. .. .. cool. BTW, if you want to let a man know what its like to feel a man shoot his semen into you (read my last post), you got your work cut out for you, there pal! :)

RB and Webster—Re: zinc. It is difficult to nail down exactly where the therapeutic dose ends and the toxic dose begins (called therapeutic index) due to zinc’s spotty absorption characteristics. All metals calcium and above are considered heavy metals, and require some kind of active transport mechanism to cross the gut. For instance, iron requires a protein called transferritin to cross the gut membrane. Active transport of heavy metals is notoriously inefficient (usually around 10 percent), and accordingly, only about 10% of a 325mg ferrous sulfate dose actually gets into our bloodstream.

Remember, it is not how much zinc you swallow that counts, its what gets into your bloodstream, what we call bioavailability. We think this inefficiency might have been an evolutionary defense against our species dying from heavy metal poisoning, so we owe the survival of our species to this inefficiency of metal gut transport. In our society, we have high enough levels of lead, cadmium, vanadium, etc in our bodies as it is. What I do for zinc is stick to one of those “Ergogenic Formula for Men” type multivits, which gives me 15 mg of zinc a day. Maximum weekly dose I would put at 50-100mg max, so (7 x 15mg) toes the line. The primary symptom of zinc toxicity is alopecia, so if you like to keep your hair, consider yourself warned … .

Regarding red meat—zinc that is organically bound in food is more bioavailable than in pill form (more than 10%, but not significantly more so), so the “grand total” of anyone’s zinc intake frrom combined organic and synthetic sources is a crapshoot. I personally will not exceed my one zinc multivitamin a day and leave it at that.
Re: measuring my ejaculate. It is not that complicated. I take a 5cc syringe (oral syringes are readily available to the public at drugstores) and withdraw the plunger and shoot my load into the open barrel end. I suppose if you are a spray shooter and want to fashion some kind of funnel to keep all your ponies in the stable, go ahead. Let the syringe hang down and wait for the jizz to collect into the other end, then carefully reinvert the syringe while putting the plunger in (point the syringe upward as you put the plunger in, in one motion), carefully express the air out the top and see what cc mark the volume is. If your load is foamy, you will have to tap out the bubbles (be patient) to prevent a falsely high reading—sorry guys, foam doesn’t count as semen. If you do it right, you can get your load volume right down to the 1/10 cc with nary a drop lost. It is best to wait 15 minutes or so for your semen to liquefy, as you will find freshly ejaculated lumpy coagulated semen to be rather uncooperative. Semen is usually too viscous to leak out the needle end while inverting the syringe, but if you want to put your finger over the opening just in case, do that. With a little practice, you can get pretty good at it.

So, first take a few baseline readings—at least 48 hrs apart. Next, conduct that experimental part of your routine—exercises, jelqing, kegels, arginine, pygeum, zinc—whatever, for some agreed upon length of time and remeasure. Somewhere between three and seven days seems to be the appropriate amount of time from what I have garnered from the posts on this forum. Either its gonna work in a week or it won’t, it seems. The beauty of this is its totally objective and of sound scientific method.

Whats in it for me is I get to get some instant feedback on my bigger cock/bigger load mission and not have to wait three months for something to report back on. I know the PE part of my program will be a long road, but with this I can score a quick “victory” and build some confidence. I will keep you informed of my results for better or worse.

Oh, the sacrifices I make for science… .


--- Southpaw

Merlin—Clomid is called clomiphene citrate. It was originally used as a fertility drug and is acutally a sex hormone inhibitor. It uses the theory that the more you push something down ,the harder it will spring back. So suppressive Clomid therapy makes the FSH and LH build up and build up to make certain (or at least increasethe odds of forcing ovulation. It is like stepping on the gas with the emergency brake on, smoking the tires. Then you release the brake and the car takes off like a shot.

Down the road, clincians also found it worked on men, suppressing testosterone and sperm production and building it up for a big send off. That is why you must cycle, for the rebound effect.

As for me? I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. It is a VERY powerful drug that has a profound effect on one’s endocrine system. I personally would only feel responsible recommending it for infertility where a couple is hell bent on conceiving. I have never heard of permanent sequelae from using clomiphene, but it seems too much drug for what one would consider to be merely its recreational or casual use. It just throws your HPG (hypothamalic-pituitary-gonadal) feedback axis into a tailspin….no thanks. Just my opinion.

--- Southpaw

I’m with Southpaw, re: Clomid. Once you have altered your hormonal balence artificially, it is very difficult to get back a natural balance.

Think carefully before you use these powerful drugs recreationallly. Some, no problem. But Clomid is heavy-duty stuff, designed for women and with men it’s a short term proposition - just for making babies.


Southpaw wrote, re: measuring volume, “Somewhere between three and seven days seems to be the appropriate amount of time from what I have garnered from the posts on this forum. Either its gonna work in a week or it won’t, it seems. The beauty of this is its totally objective and of sound scientific method.”

I was told 3 to 4 days for a recent assay. Likely I’ll learn the volume soon and not have to go through the regimen Southpaw is doing. But for the purposes of clarity, you stick the blunt end of the syringe into your meatus, are you saying? If so, I don’t see how you could possibly collect all your ejaculate for measuring. Ejacualtion is such a fast process and the flow is not only usually thick but greater than the opening of the blunt end could take, even expressing it.

A Little Puzzled in Hawaii,




Yeah, collecting semen in the blunt end (plunger end) of a syringe is kind of like trying to capture a fire hose spraying all over the place for some of wild and crazy guys,, which is why I suggested making some kind of funnel device and ejaculating into the funnel instead. Any tiny cooking/baking accessory funnel whose small end is narrow enough to slip into the plunger end of the syringe will do.

--- Southpaw

Southpaw: Good reading. Thanks for describing that. I can feel the (I forgot what westla told me it was called) ______ filling up when I am doing my husband. It feels wild from the outside so I can imagine what it feels like from the inside. Thanks a bunch, again, for sharing that.

As far as why I didn’t post what I had to say here…time and place for everything.

What is it your girlfriend thought that you felt was wishful thinking?

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

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