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I have a question. I just recently had unprotected sex and 2 days after i developed this pimple on the side of my scrotum. is this herpes or is it just a pimple? I was concerned about this and started to research the net and found that it says you usually get fever like conditions and itching in the area before a out break. I did not have any of these symptoms but i am still concerned. any help will be appreciated.

Chances are its just a pimple. However, it won’t hurt to get checked out by a doctor, I don’t know what the time frame is on contact and infection.

Oh, and don’t have unprotected sex, always always carry a rain coat.

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Get it checked out BEFORE the bump pops. Rule of Thumb, if it looks like a pimple, (puss filled) it’s probably not herpes, if it is water filled, it may very well be herpes. Don’t do a blood test, that will tell you only if you’ve been exposed, not if you are infectious. Make sure to get the actual fluid checked in the bump.

Yes its puss filled but i will get it checked. Thanks for the replies.

Damn sounds like you “touched” the wrong I hope everything works out for ya dude

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