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Her first time


Originally posted by jackdaniel
Thanx for the replies guys,
“you HAVE to be rock hard” - that's what really affecting me.. I have this phobia not to be hard enough.. when I'm alone it's ok but then with girls I'm nervous… any good advice?


That’s common - it’s called “Performance Anxiety.” You’re putting all this pressure on yourself, you’re thinking “I have to get hard!”, etc. when you’re with her.
Forget all that. You need to relax; if need be, tune her out. I know that sounds selfish, but you’re trying to get hard to please both you and her - so it’s not selfish.
I recommend you think of something really horny, that turns you on, when you’re about to nail her. Whatever it is….you don’t have to tell anybody. It could be a fantasy about watching her get gang-banged, etc., etc.
But the anxiety arises because you are focusing on her watching you, waiting, anticipating your erection, etc. Obviously, when you’re alone that stuff isn’t an issue. So, pretend she’s not there. Or just enjoy her body, her pussy lips, her tits….imagine something really filthy, nasty, etc.
Even today, after I’ve been married to my wife for 17 years, if she wants a quickie & puts too much pressure on me, I have trouble performing. But when we’re just laying around, relaxed, no pressure, no hurry, I become harder than titanium.
It’s all about relaxing.

My first and only time with a virgin, I was too stoned to realize that she was a virgin. This gal was pretty big, kind of like a plump Dolly Parton. I worked & worked, sweated & sweated, finally got it in - dayum, honestly it was not much fun for me by that time. I’d only been with a few other girls, so didn’t know much.


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[QUOTE]Originally posted by CaptnHook
Don’t do anything any of these degenerates tell you ;)


He is right what you need to do is send her round my house and Ill break her in for you and send her back round with a smile on her face and a spring in her step..

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Originally posted by cascade
I've had so many good moments with Mr Jack Daniels, many mornings waking up in vomit, many in the gutter :D —- Nice memories :)

I’ll tip my whiskey glass to that. Thanks to Mr. Daniels, I’ve many fond memories of having no memory whatsoever.



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