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Her first time

You dont have impotence problems you have performance anxiety, thats all. As you get more and more experienced that will go away. Now back to the girlfriend, LUBE LUBE LUBE. You might want to try another position. Lube up, lay down on your sides (her) back to (your) front, like spooning, place your erect head against her pussy and just gently rock. Let her push backward into your dick. Just my two cents. Its been a long time since I was with a virgin so I may have forgotten some, LOL.

Good luck


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

STAMINA RX…take two about two hours before you do the deed

"If I leave here tomorrow, will you still remember me?"-- Ronnie Van Zandt

STAMINA RX…take two about two hours before you do the deed

I would really reccomend staying away from any chance of a mental dependence on supplements at this point. That should probably be your last option.

"It's not the destination that matters. It's the change of scene. " - Brian Eno

i still can remember how hard it was when I (also still a virginat that time) tried to have sex with a virgin. It took us several session to break that hymen. I was nearlly at the point of giving up, but i was even more horny.

Don’t do anything any of these degenerates tell you ;)

There are two important ingredients to making this work:
The first is TIME.
Take your time. No rush. No pressure. You’re both young and not going anywhere, so enjoy yourself. Remember, this is her first time and it means so much to her. Let her know that you’re enjoying yourself no matter what happens and you’re not in any rush. Give her time and take your time.

The second is LOVE.
Your girlfriend is female isn’t she? Tell her you LOVE her. And keep telling her you love her- there is no greater aphrodisiac to a woman than the certainty that a man LOVES her. Tell her you love her because she’s BEAUTIFUL. Let her know that you only ever want to be with her because she’s SO beautiful and you LOVE her more than anything or anyone. Whisper these things to her in a gentle voice that is full of sincerity and passion. When you look into her eyes do so DEEPLY, unwaveringly, as if you’re looking right into her soul…Whisper her name and tell her that you LOVE her.
She’ll melt open and invite you in. She’ll want you inside of her so badly she’ll make it easy for you and she’ll never remember that you had trouble in the first place.

Have fun-

I agree with the Captn. I would work the horny aspect too though. One of my favourite things to do is play with a girl’s pussy through her underwear until her underwear is pretty much soaked, and tease her and play with her clit until SHE pulls off her underwear and pretty much BEGS me to put it in her. Then I tease her some more and do what I call “painting”, where I use my tool as a paintbrush and “paint” her whole vulva and clitoris. If you do this, SHE’ll find a way to make it fit.

Enjoy yourself

Originally posted by CaptnHook
Don't do anything any of these degenerates tell you ;)

Hey, I resemble that remark…

Give it a few more tries before you get all worried. My current girlfriend had been with only one other dude, who apparently was quite skinny, and it took us three or four times to make sex work. The important thing is that we didn’t let the penetration problem frustrate us to the point of anxiety — we would just try, be happy that we got a little closer than the last time, and satisfy each other in other ways, excited that sometime soon the sex would work. And it did eventually.

Hang in there, work on getting more fingers in, and stock up on the lube.

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Originally posted by PirateSteve
Hey, I resemble that remark…

Aye Stevie…..and that make it the most handsome remark I ever laid eye to!

Thanks for the feedbacks guys,

I don’t have any problem with the LOVE part Captn heh
I think we have the most passionate relationship, I did tell her how beautiful she was (I always do) and how much I love her, In fact I did everything you said but before reading it hehe
I think my problem is psychological and I’ll work on that.. I got to find a way not to think about my erection and just enjoy the moment…

Thx for the support.

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Well Hunter-
Given what you just posted, and everything else you’ve shared - If you’re still interested in advice I’ll say that I don’t think you two are ready to have sex. Yet…..
So, you’ve let her know you love her. You’ve sweet-talked her ass off - But what about time? That’s the first part of the equation…….Time!
I know you’re girlfriend has said “I’m ready” but I think what she means is “I want you”. These are two very different things.
And just because you’re the man in the relationship doesn’t mean you have to be “ready” either. I know you’ve had sex before, but that was with a different woman - probably one you didn’t care as much about - or you might still be with her. Just because you’ve done the deed before doesn’t mean you have to do it with your present girl-friend. Not yet.
Hunter, I know of what I speak. I’m 37 years old, married for 12 years to a woman I met when we were both 17 years old. We’ve been together now longer than we were apart and one of the biggest regrets I have is that we rushed into having sex when we first started dating. Sounds wimpy, I know. But It’s true and it’s only the type of thing a man can see with hind-sight. The same goes for my wife - she feels the same. Maybe you’re convinced that you have spent plenty of time getting to know each other — but am I imagining things or are your bodies, both of them, saying something different.
You are definitely not impotent. Your penis - despite his reputation - can sometimes be smarter that you. It’s telling you not to rush things.
Look upon this as a good thing. You don’t have to have sex because you’re supposed to, or because you want to, or your girlfriend is ready.
And if you decide this is true, Hunter, and she has a problem with it - then she really isn’t ready afterall.

You don’t have to do the following, and seriously - don’t do it if you think it’s not your style - but if you really just want to experience sex, if you think it will help boost your confidence - prove to you that you’re not impotent - go bang some other girl. Bang a lot of girls. I did. I did this countless times before I was married - AFTER I met the woman I knew I’d spend the rest of my life with (hey, we’re guys here, right?). Glad as hell I did, too (just don’t get a sudden bout of conscience and tell your girlfriend, for christsake).
But I stick by my earlier post: You say you have the love part covered, but what about time? Would it be such a bad thing to slow down and let things unfold in a more pleasant way - something you both can remember fondly instead of with possible regret?

This might all mean nothing when soon enough you and your girl succeed - that could be tonight, tomorrow, next week - who knows. But slow down Killer - take a breath, you’ll be happy you did.

And if anyone should think you a pussy for not “nailing” the girl you love, fuck them. Tell them to come see me and I’ll straighten their ass out for you.


BTW Hunter, I like you , man. You’ve got smarts by not going for the easy fix of a drug or a supplement. Good instincts.

Hey jack, you are heaps lucky to get a virgin :thumbs:
Just relax and think that “you the man” and be full of confidence and you will split her in no time.

At least youre not like me who only has a chance with the skanks that have had 5 trilion guys before me! %-\

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

Thank You guys, Captn & Bull !


7 11/16" ELBP, 7 3/16" NBPEL 5 5/8" EG (mid), 8 1/8 " SL

Goal : 8" NBP 6" EG (mid)

Go jack!

Be confident and you’ll be fine ;)

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

Wow, this is great stuff to know. I’m 19 too and tried to have sex a little while ago with my girlfriend. She’s had sex once before, but it was my first time. I could barely get one finger in, so trying to get my dick in was impossible. I couldn’t get rock hard either, both because I was worried about performance and because it hurt like hell. It was like trying to cram your dick into a pencil sharpener. Also, I only tried to get it in when she asked me too, so I assumed she was thoroughly wet at that time.

Oh well, when we try again I’m going to make sure we have tons of lube anyway.


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