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I am a hanger…therefore this belongs in the Hanging section

2 minutes later: Post Has Been Moved

el: 6.5in Long / 5in Wide bpel: 7.5in long Goal: 10in Long / 6in Wide


Forget the Hangers Forum, that belongs on a T-Shirt :clap:

I wasn’t the one who moved this, infact I just got up and saw it a while back. How does this work with hanging? Maybe I am a dumb college kid, but it has reference to PSI which in my mind would be related to pumping. In fact if it is about giving orgasms wouldn’t this be more like Men’s Sexual health forum? Who knows. The clock placement thing may throw people off but has nothing to do with LOT that I can tell of.

I’ll let it sit, but nonetheless it is very interesting. Thanks for exposing us to it. If someone else gets wildly upst they can move it. Whomever moved it, if they even did, was most likely sticking it in the member’s section cause it is a dick picture.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I think the graphic is trying to imply that erection angle is an indicator of the amount pressure that the penis will be able to exert against the g-spot during intercourse.

That’s all fine and dandy. Too bad this nifty little graphic does not take varying positions or insertion angles into account. Also it loosely implies that there is direct correlation between erection firmness and erection angle.

All of these factors combine to lead me to the following assessment:

Though well-meaning, the creater of this infographic has absolutely no clue of what the hell they’re talking about.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

Oh, how I hope and pray that I will, but today I am still just a bill.

This isn’t hanging related, so I moved it.


You know where this is from, don’t you? It’s from one of the many web sites by the infamous “Dr.” Lin, the electrical engineer who proclaims to be a know-all sex expert. The one who says PE will hurt your penis. The one who says only his PILLS will help you. The one who gives the most outrageous sexual advice on the Internet. Yeah, this must mean something. It must be true and really important. Right. Sure. OK.


Does this come in POSTER Size? LOL

My Current Stats: NBPEL : 7.5" BPEL: 8.0" EG : 6.0" GOAL ACHIEVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just Maintaining......

I’m sorry for putting it here. And I never said it was hanging related…i just said…i am a hanger…so it belongs in my forum, lol.

el: 6.5in Long / 5in Wide bpel: 7.5in long Goal: 10in Long / 6in Wide

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