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I’ve read some threads about premature ejaculation and all of them seem to be a little better than my experience. I seem to be able to achieve an orgasm before my dick is even erect. I was with a girl the other day and asked for a blowjob to try and get hard and I came within 10 seconds of the act. Talk about embarrassment, she was blown away by how that was even possible and I laughed it off like it was the first time it had happened which was a complete lie. I can’t even masterbate long enough to get an erection before I cum, please help.

Do kegals and I recomend you to watch porn but without touching your penis.

And if it does not work go talk to a doctor.

I’ve done Kegals but not as religiously as I probably should because I have involuntary spasms the time. Also, what would watching porn without masterbating do exactly?

Looks like too much prolactin in your body. You should speak about that with a doctor and in the meanwhile google ‘prolactin antagonists’. How old are you?

I’m 24 years old.

Watching porn you will have a good erection and if you don’t masturbate maybe it helps you with your problem.

But you should speak with a doctor.

Hey bro! So sorry to hear you’re struggling with this. I’m dealing with severe premature ejaculation too as the result of lots of rushed masturbation and pornography. Have you had the same experience?

I’ve been porn free for several months and I have to say it’s the best thing I’ve done. I quit masturbating too.I’m going to tackle this problem head on and totally rewire my brain. I feel like my brain needs a sexual detox in order to face this issue. I also have so many insecurities wrapped up in sex. I found my identity in my sex life for the longest time, so having absolutely NO sex life right now is really forcing me to face these issues. Hope to hear from you soon


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