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Help - Prostatitis?


Ok guys so I’ve taken a weak off from pumping and haven’t masturbated in a week. Well today I went to relieve myself and got a semi nice erection, but it was a little painful, and when I went to ejaculate, the pre cum kinda shot out, but it was like the actual cum was getting stuck coming out and I had a little pain. It just kinda dribbled out. I’ve been researching prostatitis and was wondering if this sounds like what I have. I have a split pee stream also sometimes. What should I do?

When I had prostatitis, I peed gloppy seminal fluid when I tried to urinate, and had a constant sense of urgency. I could never fully void my urine and dribbled after. I had burning pee and discharge, my prostate was tender, swollen, and painful. I lost all sex drive, and erectile function. I had to take antibiotics for 6 months and do painful daily prostate massages.

I would see the doc if you have any continued problems peeing or ejaculating.

Sometimes stuff can happen to you from a tight pelvic floor, and it is not caused by an actual infection. If your floor feels tight or clenched that could be the problem. Stretching your pelvic floor might help. Search for “Yoga poses for pelvic floor stretching”

Thanks for your response my pee has been fine as of late, but the ejaculation scared me a little today. I def don’t have those symptoms, I have been very inactive as of late. Do squats and other core exercises strengthen the pelvic floor?

Squats make prostatitis worse.. Get to the doctor right away or you could have it the rest of your life.


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