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Help with Sexual Kung Fu please

Help with Sexual Kung Fu please

Ok, so I’ve been doing the exercises in “The multi orgasmic man” for quite a while now and about a week ago, as I was edging, I felt the urge to ejaculate. I clamped down hard on my PC muscles, deep belly breathing, visualising sucking the energy up my spine, then all of a sudden this awesome wave of orgasm rushed through my body, I could feel it tingling in my hands I can’t describe it but it felt great and no semen at all came out of my penis.

I’m guessing this is what I’ve been trying to achieve, now I’ve got 2 problems:

1. How the hell do I achieve this again? I can’t seem to get it, I just get a little semen dribbling out when I clamp my PC muscles.

2. Most importantly how do I circulate the energy? I do this at night after PE and this may sound kooky but I think the sexual energy is stuck in my head, I try deep breathing and bringing it down to my stomach but when I go to bed my heads buzzing and I can’t sleep at all.

Please help me.

What a wonderful experience! Actually I have ordered this book from net and will get it soon.

After reading your discription I have to post one bad effect of doing this. So far as I know egding harms the prostate a lot and maybe one reason for prostate disease. I have been suffering prostatitis for a very long time, I cannot blame it only to edging but I am quite sure that must be one of the reasons.

So, be careful my friend. If I had known that is the content of the book, I would not buy it.

Hey Inches,

The first time you have a non-ejaculatory orgasm all you want to do is have another one and you don’t know how to get back there again. I know the feeling.

It just takes time and regular practice. It might be months before it happens again. Keep working on it.

As far as energy stuck in your head, are you making sure you have your tongue on the roof of your mouth? That’s the pathway back down.

I hear what smspecial6 says about prostatitis and I agree its no joke. Personally I’ve been practicing the seminal kung fu for years and have never had any problems. I cant say what makes one person have it and not another or if its got anything to do with this practice.

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