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HELP!!! Serious Serious Erection Problems


Sounds like anxiety problems, which is totally normal when your about to lay a new girl or a really hot one, or both. The slightest distraction can cause a man to loose an erection, such as having to put on a rubber, switching positions.. I’ve been in this situation before and I find that taking a couple of deep breaths beforehand seem to help, but most importantly, you MUST relax and not think about the deed too much. Thinking too much has caused me to loose too many nights of potential sex.

Cliff notes: Don’t think too much, and Relax!

Me say anxiety too. Let us go over a checklist of shit in your head:

Banging multiple girls or in quick rotations
You work
You are going to school though may have taken the summer off
You are struggling to pay for an over-priced car with Mob level loan sharkiness interest
You go to the gym
You torture your dick endlessly with the crazy shit people tell you on this website
You take supplements like a crazy person which does God Knows What to you.
Factor in your usual psych profile too

End result means slow down or only have WORSE PROBLEMS

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Originally Posted by hyyprr
Although I agree that WBH’s situation could probably caused by a few things, I don’t agree about this. Ephedrine does mess with just the overall blood flow to the penis, at least for me. I take it during finals and when I do I soon experience a severe loss of flaccid hang, and it becomes more difficult to get a really hard erection. I would say however that it usually doesn’t make it impossible, so for WBH it could have been a mix of nerves and the stimulant.

Personally there was this girl I was hooking up with regularly during my last semester, but one time it was on a day when I’d taken a few doses of ephedrine and I had the hardest time getting up and staying that way. It wasn’t nerves for me because I’d been with her many times, but it was just that it was taking much more “attention” to get hard.

I never had that, I was speaking from personal experience.

I stand corrected, however :)

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Originally Posted by SixerMan

Get some Vitamin V (aka Viagra).

Do you just go to your family doctor to get a perscription of Viagra? I’ve been having some issues lately.

Originally Posted by WBH
I did just start taking ephedrine again. Maybe this is what is causing it? I am taking 25mg twice a day right now. Should I switch it to just once a day and see if this gets rid of the problem>?

Dude that stuff gives me shrinky dink and fucks my sex drive totally, don’t take it on any day you think your going to have sex. When I take anything with that stuff in it it looks like someone let the air out of my dick.

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Bro take it from me it’s anxiety, happens to me alot when I’m with someone for the first time. I just get to nervous, don’t know why but I’ve always been like that. But once I get past that, I never have any problems at all. Samething just happen to me last week.

This could happen because you were nervous. Next time everything should be fine. However, there are occasions when man doesn’t find a particular woman sexually appealing. I am talking from a personal experience. I was dating a hot girl long time ago. Everytime we got down to business I had to think of my ex-girlfriends to be able to perform. I guess I just stayed with her because she was very popular and I was the only guy who was allowed to sleep in her bed :)

Eventually I had to dump her though.

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