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Help! Please!

Help! Please!

Guys, I’m kind of having a problem with my erections.
I stopped having sex for about 5 months, thought id try n exercise self discipline (no reason just a challenge 4 myself).
Any way, I’m now having regular sex - every time I see my new girlfriend. I see her usually 5ish times a week, so lots of sex! :-D
My problem though is that I cant get a totally rock hardon maybe just like 70%, I cant completely keep it at that hardness for long either maybe just like a few minutes and then it gets (noticeably) a little less hard , and it takes me ages to get from soft to hard! My head isn’t that sensitive any more either (I am circumcised). WTF!?! Im only 20!!! What the hell is the problem?!

Its really hard coz I have to keep focusing on trying to stay hard and this is difficult work to be doing constantly when I’m supposed to be concentrating on the sex and not my hardon. Any lapse of concentration (on my boner) for maybe longer than a few seconds and i loose a lot of hardness and have to try hard to bring it back. PC contractions dont seem to be doing much either.

Surprisingly enough she’s loving the sex and comes every time. I can tell she’s not faking it, really. It just means that if I was “working properly” it’d be so much better.

I haven’t been Pe’ing that much for the last month or so but that shouldn’t mean a thing! Y cant I get good boners!? I really am worried. Please help me guys!

I’m in the same boat and I’m 18. If you find a solution, please do clue me in!

I had the same problem. I’ll write a few of my suggestions which have helped me just be a lot hornier in general:

1/ Self confidence. One of the hardest things! When I was having sex before I was worrying a bit about things, etc. Just try and be confident and enjoy yourself.

2/ Kegels and Jelquing. I find that doing kegels help so much! I do 200 reverse kegels with my routine (so like 2 days on, 1 day off). And it leads to me having a boner a lot of the time!!

3/ A pill to increase testosterone. I’m taking Tribulus Terrestris. It’s cheap from the right places, and it increases testosterone, which is good for helping muscles grow and it says the side effects may include sexual stimulation..Eg boners. It’s a GREAT pill, I suggest it for everyone that does weights every so often, or has problems getting erections. It has been dubbed as “the closest thing to a miracle pill”.

Also…I sleep at HORRIBLE times…like 4 or 5 in the morning, then wake up at like 2pm…I find that if I get a good nights sleep, and sleep at a half decent time then I am more horny…That may just be me though.

A newbie has returned for a second attempt.

Goals to be posted soon.

It happens to me whenever I overtrain, and I´m 22. Check out your routine, perhaps that´s a sign of your dick indicating you are doing too much. I came to that conclusion after I noticed that on my second day off I could easily get rockhard erections, but on my days on (if I overdo it), it was almost impossible get a decent boner.

Craigy advices are very good,

Thanks a lot for the help dudes.
I think craigy’s got it. i haven’t been doing any kegels for ages and i do sleep at 5am and wake up at 3pm! i hope better sleep will help. i guess im also pretty stressed because of my imminent end of year Uni exams…
Pfff, guess its just a matter of getting my sleep patterns sorted and chilling out a bit more.
Thanks again for the comments dudes.

Sorry Thunder, wont happen again :-)

Craigy have you tried the Tribulus Terrestris?
do you get aggressive on it?
How well does it work? Its true, although I’m having quite a bit of sex (or at least trying), i don’t really feel horny most of the time just before or sometimes during. i cant help it, i have no idea what the deal is? Do you think this stuff will work for that?

Thanks again

Craigy, where could I find this Tribulus Terrestris?

Am i allowed to post links?

and ive replied to you in PM beast

A newbie has returned for a second attempt.

Goals to be posted soon.

Ok I’ll re read them tomorrow :P
I’m really tired right now. Here’s the link. It’s the cheapest I’ve found it! I’ll be making a three month supply bid from there in a few days.

A newbie has returned for a second attempt.

Goals to be posted soon.

There is also tribulus on

It’s 90% powder, 20$ for 200 servings.


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