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Help mental ed


Help mental ed

Help, some know my story on here. I thought I damaged my penis from the lig pop (I wasn’t aware of this term until a year later that I did it). A whole entire year of beating myself up, and not having sex. Then finally hearing it’s all in my head. I went to a doc, and my erections were back to normal! But then I stretched it and got nerve damage couldn’t feel my penis glans. Then few weeks down the road, I took 25mg’s of Viagra before sleep, actually on purpose thinking it could help. Then I woke up during the night with only the corpus cavernosum erect and not the spongiosum, thinking I had a priapism or prolonged erection I freaked out. Urologist and others said I probably didn’t have a priapism. But I was convinced I did. My erections still suck, but I know I’m completely stressed out and that doesn’t help. To this day I wish I didn’t take viagra before sleep. Thinking I finally did myself in. Now I can’t seem to get out of this fog. I’m not the same person anymore, the freak out I had completely changed me. I’m not as social as I used to be, I’d rather sleep during the day, talking to girls no longer is fun. I can’t believe I could have been fine if I just went to a doc and discussed it, I suffered in silence for a whole year. And now I’m really suffering. I’m not the same guy anymore and it really sucks, no longer as confident, easy going. I’m full of anxiety, insecure, my grades are dropping in school. I don’t know what to do. I went to the doc to bring me salvation, not to bring me into a deeper hell. I need help. Would a cognitive therapist really help? I really don’t want to go to one, but I’m dying here, I’ve lost my fire. Honestly I’m not the same man I was back in like April. Help.

I’m sorry to hear it refresh9 :( I am sorry to say again (probably heard it a thousand times from the doctors) but nerves do no regenerate. If it is a minor nerve damage, then you have some chance. If it is a moderate - severe then there is no hope. But the power of the mind is a powerful thing. Who knows?

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Start having a life now and get out there and start talking to girls. Flirt with them and let them flirt back. As long as you continue to live in a cave, that is what you will become. Let the sun shine again and the erections will come back. Exercise, go dancing, SLOW dancing. You have became your own enemy. Go out and have fun. If something happens with a girl and it doesn’t get fully erect, so what, try again some other time, but if she arouses enough, it just may surprise you, just keep focused on her and not your dick, cause if you keep thinking about the hardness of your dick, you are just fucking yourself out of some real fun. Just relax.

Yeah the numbness is gone. Thank god. I just have so much mental stress destroying my every thought. It comes and goes. I started smoking cigarettes from the stress, and now I’ve stopped so I’m like withdrawing which is making this worse. I really almost successfully survived this ordeal, lig pop problem was in my head for a year, I worked on it, my erections were amazingly rock hard. Then I took the viagra before sleep, freaked the hell out and havent been the same since. I still think I may have had a priapism it sucks. I really wish I didn’t come up with the bright idea to take it, but then again what about people who take it for performance anxiety, and say their date doesn’t come through and they go to sleep, you know. Whatever, though, I just really wish I didn’t take it. This summer would have been amazing, but instead it turned into a grave hell, that I’m still feeling. It’s horrible.

I’m also beating myself up for missing occasions to have sex, because I thought there was something wrong with me. And my salvation was awaiting just a tiny talk with the urologist, ugh.

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You may have a couple of things going on, and it’s hard to tell what may have caused what at your seemingly young age (you mention that you are in school). Please see a mental health counselor, and be completely honest with them about everything.

Good Luck,


Yeah I’m 23.

I just really don’t want to go to one of them, I went to one once. I felt like such a tool, really. I feel deep inside I can tackle any mental problem, this one is just big. As long as I really didn’t cause damage by taking Viagra at night, wish there was a way to tell, I’d take care of my stupid brain for thinking such stupid things.

You have no idea how much I wish I just went to the doc, before I went into a depression about my penis not working. Because thats a self fulfilling prophecy I had to pull myself out of. And I did! But viagra before sleep fucked my brain up again. And now I’m pissed about missing out on some good opportunities I had to have some sex, ugh.

Obviously me talking here about it helps though, to get it out, somewhat half psychology session in itself. I could never discuss this with anyone else. Nor is there any board that would really understand the crap thats gone on with me.

Refresh, you’re already suffering the consequences of not having sought expert health care advice when you needed it, and instead trying to do it on your own. Don’t repeat the same mistake with your mental health.

I hope that some others who can address this more eloquently can chime in on the topic. Your statement that “And now I’m really suffering. I’m not the same guy anymore and it really sucks, no longer as confident, easy going. I’m full of anxiety, insecure, my grades are dropping in school.” sounds serious, and like it does or has come to involve more than just what is going on with your penis.


True I’m sure it has more than to do with my penis. Relationship problems, timing, etc. I’m nuts I know, but I just don’t like the idea of someone picking my brain apart. Literally I feel stupid, because as I say each problem I have the solution just comes right out. For instance why am I depressed? Well I think about negative things, run them over in my head, and focus on the past. Ok well think about positive things, stop thinking so much, and focus on the future. It’s all really simple, and I don’t want to sit in front of a dude to tell me that stuff. It kind of comes out to me in my mind, as I spill my guts out. So I’m happy I can tell everyone here my problems. And any help that can be given will be appreciated. Thanks.

So the Viagra only gave you a partial erection, the CC but not the CS?

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

What? I took 25mg’s of Viagra before sleep, I woke up with an erection, non painful, but only the CC’s were erect the CS was not engorged what so ever. I thought I finally did myself in and damaged my penis. My doctor doesn’t think I caused any harm, and I have actually seen numerous studies of young potent men taking Viagra before sleep in higher doses with no incident of priapism. Maybe it’s all in my head, but right when I achieve amazing rock hard erections after not having them, then took Viagra, and thought I fucked it up, I felt it was all over for me. Who knows, if I caused harm or not, all I know is that it’s highly unlikely that I did.

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