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Help mental ed

Originally Posted by refresh9
What? I took 25mg’s of Viagra before sleep, I woke up with an erection, non painful, but only the CC’s were erect the CS was not engorged what so ever. I thought I finally did myself in and damaged my penis. My doctor doesn’t think I caused any harm, and I have actually seen numerous studies of young potent men taking Viagra before sleep in higher doses with no incident of priapism. Maybe it’s all in my head, but right when I achieve amazing rock hard erections after not having them, then took Viagra, and thought I fucked it up, I felt it was all over for me. Who knows, if I caused harm or not, all I know is that it’s highly unlikely that I did.

I think you need to talk to a Viagra expert on this one. Why don’t you PM Advocet8.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Originally Posted by refresh9
I’m nuts I know, but I just don’t like the idea of someone picking my brain apart.

If you don’t make the choice of therapy yourself now, you run a definite risk it may well lead to a situation down the line where you will not have a choice.

Cognitive therapy would definitely help with the sort of issues you mention.

And as several threads here at Thunder’s attest, you are at an age when conditions can develop that can become serious and out of control if you do not take charge of your own care.


I like to tackle these problems on my own, I feel I’m strong enough to do so. Trust me I’ve been to one, and when speaking to one, I can’t open up, I just can’t. I just would really like to know if I cause harm or not to my penis, practically everyone says no, or most likely not, I just wish there was a definitive answer, and there never will be. I wish I went to the doc, when I first ‘popped’ my penis, and I’d probably never be in this predicament today, ugh.

Do you have pain in the penis? When it is limp or when erect?

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Not really, I’ve had prostatitus before, that gave me pain, it comes and goes with intense stress.

Originally Posted by refresh9
I like to tackle these problems on my own, I feel I’m strong enough to do so.

And how well did that work for you self-medicating your penis?

Originally Posted by refresh9
I wish I went to the doc, when I first ‘popped’ my penis, and I’d probably never be in this predicament today, ugh.

And will you end up feeling the same way about your mental health?

Take care of yourself, man, and avail yourself of professional expertise and support.


My man, I have taken Viagra, Cialis, Levitra (best one) all before, and they never did anything like that. They CANNOT have a negative effect on your brain, your making that one up yourself.

Indirectly effected my brain, thinking I had a priapism, and ending my sexlife/life. Did you take them just to take them? Or do you need them. Because I didn’t really NEED Viagra, but I had it because of perf. Anxiety.

I did not NEED them no. They are fun to take every once in a while, But I will be using a pump once I do the newbie routine for another month.

Refresh9 you need to find a way to relieve stress and calm down. Yoga comes to mind, but any other form of martial arts that practices meditation should suffice.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Refresh, I have had 2 emergency room priapisms from massive Viagra abuse and my dick is 100% fine.

Seriously? You had pain?

The biggest thing that freaked me out was the fact only my CC’s were erect yet not my CS, but no pain. I almost wish I didn’t touch my penis when I woke up so I wouldn’t have freaked out about it. But then again, maybe it would have led to a physical problem, but whats the difference, if it’s not working as optimal as it was, what difference does it make between mental or physical

Tips on how to overcome this (if it truly is all in my head) would be EXTREMELY appreciated!

Originally Posted by refresh9
Yeah the numbness is gone. Thank god. I just have so much mental stress destroying my every thought. It comes and goes. I started smoking cigarettes from the stress, and now I’ve stopped so I’m like withdrawing which is making this worse. I really almost successfully survived this ordeal, lig pop problem was in my head for a year, I worked on it, my erections were amazingly rock hard. Then I took the viagra before sleep, freaked the hell out and havent been the same since. I still think I may have had a priapism it sucks. I really wish I didn’t come up with the bright idea to take it, but then again what about people who take it for performance anxiety, and say their date doesn’t come through and they go to sleep, you know. Whatever, though, I just really wish I didn’t take it. This summer would have been amazing, but instead it turned into a grave hell, that I’m still feeling. It’s horrible.

Well? Guess what. In spite of what your obsession that you did, you didn’t have a priapism event.

It would be a small miracle for one to have occurred on only 25 mg of Viagra in a male who 1) had not taken any of various recreational drugs fairly soon before or a legit medication that might cause priapism, 2) does not have leukemia, sickle cell anemia, or one of several other diseases which incline one to priapism, 3) your erection that night (I’d bet) began to subside immediately when you got panicky and pumped yourself full of adrenalin.

There are a lot of reasons why your c. spongiosum didn’t fill that night, one logical one being that you were in a sleep position that crimped the arteries supplying that area but not your c. cavernosum arteries.

I have noticed that of the threads you’ve started here, the majority contain serious elements of worry and anxiety on your part. And since you’ve asked me, I’ll tell you what I think you should do for your own good:

Pay attention to what others in this thread have suggested; get yourself a good therapist and find out why you are so completely focused on your cock and not paying attention to having the generally happy life of a 23 yr old. You tell us that twice now while doing PE you have damaged your penis. Don’t do something yet again that will result in yet another injury. If you want to engage in PE, do it sensibly and wait, like the rest of us do, for gains to happen gradually.




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