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Help me

Help me

I did lots of kegels but my cock is more sensitive now and I cum very fast._When my gf gave me a bj I could barely last more then 2 mins._Can someone explain what is edging? I know it has got to do with holding back your ejaculation. Does that mean I masturbate then stop when I feel like cumming and repeat the process? Does that mean I don’t cum at all or I may cum after edging for lets say, 30 mins? Thanks

You can come when you want, preferably after your g/f has had her fill. Edging is when you employ some maneuver to prevent yourself from ejaculating, be it withdrawal or slowing down. The key is to not allow yourself to go beyond that proverbial “point of no return,” that point at which you simply cannot avoid ejaculating. Edging is getting close, but not allowing yourself to have the cookie.

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How about masturbate an hour or two before having sex with your gf, it might last longer.


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