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Help me please!

Help me please!

Hello its my first post on the forum!!

first of all, I am a 18 years old Asian ( Taiwanese ) male from Canada
I thought my penis were small ( its 5 inches, average is about 6 inches ) but after seeing the “jelqing routine” I thought “hmm why not having an extra inche”

after few months, I’ve grow about 1.5 cm ( at erection ) thank you to who ever invented the jelq

so heres my problem

I can’t get it up when I wanted to ( I was at this school dance, there was this hot chick ( I do not know her ) danced with me. We danced all night long, mostly grinding and closed up slow dance. when she put her ass on my penis, I couldn’t get it up ( maybe I was too excited since it was first time a chick do that to me ) but after an hour, still the same… even when we were slow dancing ( really really close, face to face and her “B cupped” sized breasts and my hard chests )

so what was wrong with my penis? I couldn’t get it up when I want to…

when my penis is not erected, its like only 2 inches…

thank you!

by the way I was wondering if there is any herbs to increase my sex drive

The school dance floor probably isn’t the most appropriate place for an erection and your brain probably knew that. If you were thinking about it and trying to get an erection then that made it even more difficult. If you can still get erections away from the dance floor, it isn’t anything to be concerned about. My guess is if you and the chick were alone, naked in bed then you wouldn’t have any trouble.

Herbs for sex drive? You’re 18! Age alone should be enough for sex drive. There are drugs and herbs for all sorts of things, but since I don’t use any of them, I’ll have to defer to others for this part of your question.

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It all has to do with nerves. The more stressed you are about getting it up the less likely it’ll happen.

My guess is either you were stressed because you *wanted* to have a hard-on and the less you had one the more stressed you were. Or the interaction with the girl made you nervous (also normal).

Either case relax, you’re fine.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?


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