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Head sensitivity

Head sensitivity

My head has always been very sensitive, causing me some ejaculation control problem, and the problem has become greater after I started PE.

How can I reduce sensitivity on the head in order to last longer?

Thanks for help


One thing you could try that is very easy: stop wearing underwear for awhile. If you’re uncomfortable doing this in street clothes or at work, just free-ball it when you are at home.

The constant contact with the fabric of your pants will gradually desensitize your glans to a degree but not so much that sex won’t still be pleasureable.



If you are uncut, leave the foreskin back for part of the day.

consider circumcision.

masturbate to close to the point of no return, stop stimulation, resume, etc.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks for your answers.

Yes, I’m uncut. I forgot to say that. But I can’t keep the foreskin back if not erect, because it comes back on the head.

Not wearing underwear can work for me even if I’m not circumcised? Because I don’t like the circumcision idea ;)


Don’t get circumcised just for that, it may not work; I underwent circumcision at age 30 and had no loss of sensitivity yet (almost 34 now)

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