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Has anyone done an adult circumcision?

Has anyone done an adult circumcision?

I’ll be doing a full circumcision shortly (not just for cosmetic reasons, I have an issue with my frenulum) and was wondering if anyone has done the procedure. If so I have a few questions for you:

1. Do you feel you’ve lost a significant amount of sensation, especially in the frenulum area?

2. were you able to go to work the next day? I don’t mind abstaining from sex and PE for a while but a week off of work might be a problem.

3. If you did PE regularly afterwards did your skin loosen up again?


Done one or had one?

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Actually both are grammatically correct. But let’s not get sidetracked now :)

See my post of 05-09-2005. Since then my brother claim to last much longer and with more feeling. The skin does stretch after circumcission.

It may take a few days to heal ,so take it easy.

I had to have one done 5 years ago, or so.

Your going to have to take a few days off work. One thing I would recommend is aggravating those threads as little as possible to take away possibility of scarring. And your not going to like the look of it for a while, but it will heal up, I won’t shit you it looks quite scary for a bit, just don’t pick at those scabs (I know that sounds gross and obvious, but I thought I’d add that). I’m not really for circumcision,but IMO, there is no pleasure difference.

At last a thread I have some knowledge on!! I had both a circumcision and a vasectomy at the same time hehe.
The circumcision for me was no problem at all , I took some time off but only because people told me it was gonna be hell.
I have some loss of sensation but not to the degree where it has a negative effect on sex. If anything I can go a lot longer
And it gets a little intense near climax, more so than when I was uncut.

Everybody is different but I would think you have no worries.

I just had it done today it wasn’t that bad really all the waiting about was the worst thing about it, it looks bigger now as well that’s probably just because it’s swelled up a bit from surgery or something.

I don’t have much foreskin at all, but since last year, I have been thinking about being circumcised.

Yet, I expect to see more replies on this question :)

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I had mine done on a Friday and went to work on Monday it only hurt with night and morning erections. In my case I last longer after my circumcision.

I had mine done at age 37. I had some complications afterwards. It swelled up HUGE and was almost black. It turns out I had internal bleeding and had to rush for emergency surgery at 1:00 AM. I asked the doc if he could give me something to keep the swelling from going down and he just smiled. As to the answers to your questions;

1. I don’t really think I lost much sensation. It seemed like it at first but not so much now (maybe I just got used to it?)
2. I also had mine done on a Friday. I think, minus the complications, I could have worked the next day.
3. This was a few years prior to me starting PE but I can say my skin has loosened up. In fact the first thing I noticed after starting PE was
stretch marks. It is considerably looser now.

I certainly don’t regret having it done. I hope this helps!


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I had one 6 month ago or so.. I like sex much better now.. It looks better, feels better and I have learned to last longer!!

Well I had lots of foreskin, that’s why I did it.! Now I just need at thinker gun and it’s perfect.. Well it’s pretty curved but I don’t care

There have bee lots of threads on this before. Check the similar threads at the bottom of the page. My experience of adult circumcision is covered in the “How long before resuming PE after adult circumcision” thread below, along with many others experiences. The search button here will turn up lots more threads.

Originally Posted by JimmyStiltskin

I just had it done today it wasn’t that bad really all the waiting about was the worst thing about it, it looks bigger now as well that’s probably just because it’s swelled up a bit from surgery or something.

I hope you are healing well by now JS. Welcome to the posting side of the forum. Good to have more Yorkshiremen here!

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