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did PE on and off for about two months. that was awhile ago. the point is when i try to have sex with my girlfriend, i can’t stay hard enough to enter her. she is really tight, and i go soft when i try to enter her. i have no problem staying hard when she goes down on me though. can someone please please please give me some advice? i don’t know what to do and valentines day is coming up and i am really embarrassed.

ps: I sincerely apologise for starting a thread about somethin that is not specifically PE related. I understand if this gets deleted, but can someone please at least email me? my adress is any advice, experience, anything. I am desperate , please help me

thank you

I have had this problem before. I think is purely psychological. I had a girlfriend that was extremely beautiful that had a extremely tight pussy. I had always suffered from performance anxiety, and if anything didn’t go as expected ( or desired ), I would flip out. I eventually lost her. I guess she thought I was selfish, having a raging hard-on while getting a hand job or head, and beeing floppy as a worm while fucking. I think the key is communication.

Though most men are egoccentric in that they want to hear something like; you have the most gigantic cock that I have ever been on, I believe that most women are opposite in that they value that same virgin pussy that they started out with.

So, the next time, tell her that she has the sweetest tightest little pussy that you have ever experienced, you are not, nor ever have been used to anything quite like it, and need some time to get used to it.

When you do fuck her, 10 to 15 pumps and she’s cumming all over you.

Welcome elsonalexander. Surprisingly, several young guys have had the same problem and posted about it here in the forums. I’m an old fart and don’t date women, so I’m not much help. The others will find this and make appropriate comments soon.

Will you please read the Forum Guidelines, especially the part about “Style and Language.” Thanks.

(I moved your post to a “members only” forum because a) it was more appropriate and b) the public forums are scanned by search bots and your e-mail address was sure to be snapped up and used for evil purposes.)

I would have to agree it’s psychological. I’ve had performance anxiety before and I managed to get over it (moreso because I became dominant since she was very submissive). But anyway, you could try acting out a fantasy in your mind that excites you. Whatever you do, you must not think about getting hard, just think about sex. Whenever I worried about being hard it would always have a negative effect sort of like it was fighting against me. Try using lube, it won’t feel so very tight if you use a sufficient amount. Try to envision something else that will take you away from where you are to a sexual place you want to be (just until you get hard). If all else fails, you could always try and go in mostly erect if not fully and since you’re inside of her and beginning to have sex it should harden up quickly (worked for me once before).

Those are all the suggestions I can think of at the moment. Good luck.

Thoughts can kill...

If lube is out of the question make sure she is plenty wet before you decide to put it in, give her plenty of foreplay, and some head for a few mins will make her juices flow and ease your entry, and all the foreplay will put you in her good books!



Did you make gains with your PE? When I started PE I made signifigant gains within the first month, especially in girth, but I experienced what I called a “spongy erection” where I was erect but not rock hard. From what I know now, I believe it was from overdoing my PE. Also what is your routine, i.e. how many days of PE and how many days of rest? The rest days are very important to PE.


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Don’t go straight into sex. Dry hump her for a while; rub your member through her lips and all over her clit. Tease both her and yourself. Touch your head to the orifice of her vagina, gently press, and then rub it on her clit again. Get yourself worked up—make yourself want that pussy more than anything.

Also, you can try rubbing/bumping your member against her anus. This helps me sometimes, but then I love anal sex. Since I can’t have it very often, I get excited when I tease myself with it. However things turn out, just know that you’re not the only person out there with this problem, and you’re not the only person out there with this problem that is young. I have had, have, and will have it for the rest of my life, I suspect. It’s difficult, humiliating, and it does bad things to your self-esteem. But, with practice and trying various things, you may find a way to keep yourself erect. You may also want to consider purchasing a cock ring.

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Yeah, I’m one of those young guys that has that problem. For those of you that have never had the problem, its scary as hell!!! If so many people are experiencing the same thing, there needs to be more discussion about it. It is nice to know that I’m not the only one though.

That used to happen to me when I first started trying to have sex. It happened twice and then I got married and lost my virginity to my wife. She’s had a couple of kids so it’s not very tight to get in there, but I always use lube. You could also try putting a strangle-hold at the base while you tease her like some of the other guys suggested.

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on a side note…what exactly constitutes loss of virginity? i was inside her for a second, but then went soft because she was tight/condom and couldn’t feel anything
am i still a virgin?

i plan to use the vasodilator supplement if i can find it. Arginine alpha keto glutarate?
any other suggestions?

Originally posted by elsonalexander

any other suggestions?

Yes. Please read the Forum Guidelines about posting style. If you continue to post in a “chat room” manner (“i” instead of “I”, not capitalizing sentences, etc.) you could loose your ability to remain a member here.

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