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Hard to Pee and Stinging When I do

Hard to Pee and Stinging When I do

I am 100% sure I have no STDs, and just now it was hard to pee and it stung a little when I did. What can this bE?

Did you damage your urethra through PE?

I haven’t done PE in like three weeks. The stinging has died down a little bad and it’s not as hard anymore. I also have a bad upset stomach right now, and I am crapping bad and my stomach hurts.

You should go to the doctor.

You could have a urinary track infection.

If it is a STD you want to get it checked right away. Syphilis and gonorrhea isn’t funny.

Have a creatine test done it could be a kidney infection.

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Yes, my guess would be UTI as well.

Yup, see a doc if it persists or worsens.

Sometimes it stings when you pee.

In the absence of an STD or urinary tract infection, the stinging is often about relative pH values of the fluids passing through the lining of your urethra; one kind of fluid (urine) is acidic; others, from your reproductive organs, are alkaline. When one meets the other, you get a chemical reaction sometimes, and stinging.

My read from your post is that this happened only once for you. If only once, ignore it. If the stinging continues, you should see a doctor.



Well, now today it seems to have gone away. But since I drink ALOT of water at night, I usually pee a lot. So the stinging was bad last night because I’d have to pee every 10 mins and I couldn’t get it all out. Today, everything seems fine though.

I would still check it out even though the stinging has stopped. It might return. Better be safe then sorry ;)

Weird, today I did my first PE in about 2 months, and it kind of felt the same way again? Can PE have something to do here?

May be nothing, sometimes if you eat a lot of hot spicy foods it can burn the urethra.

This also happens when you ejaculate the ejaculation will burn.

Drink cranberry juice everyday tell it leaves.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Dip your cock in cold water it will disappear. Have you been over masturbating lately?

Hey guys I had this as well ,I hurt so bad I had to go to the emergency room and all they gave me was a few pills. I do be live it was from PEing. It all started after clamping Hard for the first time .

There you go. Clamping HARD for the first time. You are not meant to clamp hard the first time but start at a low pressure and build it up. Don’t do it next time.


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